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LG KP500 Cookie

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  • kokey

Ganesh, 30 Aug 2009Can u plz make a list of all applications available for the LG K... morethousands of free cookie applications @

  • kokey

oh no! i've just discovered bugs in my v10d!

i never noticed it before because i've always used my memory card in transferring files. but since buying a leather case for my cookie that covers the card slot area, i used the pc suite instead and connected my phone to tranfer files. 3 bugs so far.

1. i have to disconnect and reconnect my phone after each java game download, which is only annoying really but forgivable.
2. sometimes my cookie freezes when transferring files. i have to remove the battery and restart the phone.
3. this one is really bad. my pc sometimes restarts itself during file transfer. it's not quite the BSOD but close. fortunately this happens quite rarely but still..

luckily all these can be avoided by simply using the card via card reader when transferring files. so i'm sticking with v10d software for now, since all other versions have bugs anyway and v10d bugs seems avoidable..

  • Anonymous

macre, 29 Aug 2009love it though it doesn't have a calculatorit does have a calculator! :)

  • Inglisero

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I was also offered the samsung star which almost has a similar specs as of the cookie...but knowing samsung phones which has always been faulty at all times. Proven 98% accurate based on the mobile product survey of 2008.

I willl not go for it really.it is absolutely rubbish!


  • Inglisero

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970@ anthony20:

RGM stands for Robinsons Galleria Mall. I wwill strongly not recommend you to buy something from Greenhills. Not all stores has an updated software version code considering that those are independent shops. You might save up some few pesos but always consider the drawbacks of a very super low-priced handset versus the original market price.

Though there are few legitimate, authorized retailer for LG in Greenhills which is quite rare to find unless you are familiar with the place. ( I'm from Alabang so Im not familiar really. lol )

And about the version of the software, it should be v10d or above but not below that cause it has bugs.

1. Inspect the handset thoroughly before you purchase it. And check the software version.

2.Inspect NTC logo at the battery latch @ the back portion to certify you have an original LG Cookie.

3.You will be given an LG warranty stub that you need to fill up which has 2 copies. One is for the owner, & the other is for the store owner safekeping.

4.You should be given the information indicated in the receipt about the return policy which should be 7 days upon date of purchase. If no return no exchange policy is indicated then your'e dead. lol

I hope i was able to answer your question. Good luck!

  • Ganesh

Can u plz make a list of all applications available for the LG KP500...plz....i want it really soon...plz help me wid this...

  • bodjie

this phone is one of the best phone! and i have it!

  • zxz

etouch mb68 is better than this disgusting cookie. they have same touchscreen bt the etouch mb68 has 2.8" screen only . they have both 3.2 mp but the etouch mb68 has a clearer picture and a high quality picture. etouch mb68 has a flash. etouch is an int'l trusted brand made in korea. better check the etouch mb68. they have both bluetooth but the etouch mb68 has no doc viewer. it's not that importnat.

  • cd123.

hey guys. do you know etouch. an int'l trusted brand. etouch mb68 is better than cookie. pls do know it. its same 3.2 mp and touchscreen.

  • jon

bought mine a week ago. i always mistakenly pressing the 'send' while not finish texting. problem is you cannot cancel sending unlike in nokia. overall it is very satisfying. can anybody teach how to edit the widgets. tenx

  • macre

klaudyu44, 29 Aug 2009it have calculator check utilities->tools->calculatorYup Thanks!

  • Inglisero

@ anthony20 in connection to your previous query about the price of the LG..I purchased it for Php9,400.

Just to update...the battery life of my phone is absolutely the best!

The first 2 days it only lasted a day ( I was dissapointed then.. ), the 3rd day it lasted 36 hours ( kinda improving...hmm), then the 4th day it last 2 days...( good job! ).

Considering that I am a heavy texter and I call my family and friends averaging 10-20 mins/day.I use more time also to learn explore its functions everyday, and I use it as an MP3 player when I go to the gym which I try to use for an hour at least.

Tip: Try not to overcharge your battery. Turn it off totally when charging.When you hear the beeping sound, unplug it right away. Charging last for 3 hours.

FYI: A common misconception, recharging the battery for an extended hours will not give your battery maximum strenght potential.So unplug it once the indicator is full.DO NOT LEAVE IT CHARGING OVERNIGHT!

How do I know this things? I worked for a mobile company before. = p

  • Inglisero

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970The name of the shop is ALDEC Telecoms (RGM - Ortigas )

  • klaudyu44

macre, 29 Aug 2009love it though it doesn't have a calculatorit have calculator check utilities->tools->calculator

  • Confused

Is this phone mxit compatible?

  • macre

love it though it doesn't have a calculator

  • klaudyu44

the themes are unlocked click http://www.mylgcookie.com/index.php/topic,2970.0­.html for a new theme,i install and it's ok.

  • jay

this phone looks cool cant wait to get it my first touch screen !! just wondering if anyone has any problems with the phone like going off by it self ??alot of people here are saying that im still going to get it anyway looks way better than any nokia or sony phone i have had!!

  • Inglisero

OMG! I accidentally dropped my phone while I was in the gym this afternoon! = ( But violah! It's still working .lol Thanks to the shock- absorber kinda casing. hehe

  • tumo

this is a nxa fone.am gona get 1 for my self soon