LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • majidid

as we now it record video at QVGA reesolution.
now mu question is can it play VGA videos or it limits in QVGA?

  • seg700

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970lg cookie is a good phone, the only downfall is the battery. it lasts for only 1 1/2days. now im contented with my sony ericsson phone with the battery lasts upto 4 days.

  • Sam

yes it breaks easy i hve 1 the cammera broke cause a lil kid droped it on the ground lol so i sent it bck and it got the cam replaced and i got it bck an it looks gd as new from sam harrison victoria

  • lissa

lisssa , 22 Jul 2009so.. does this phone have flash for the camera?never mind on that question... but if it doesn't have flash then it would be harder to take pictures

  • lisssa

mac mac, 21 Jul 2009This is phone is okay, it is very light. But if you had read the... moreso.. does this phone have flash for the camera?

  • mac mac

mackeral, 21 Jul 2009n also will it lag if i use a 16gb card?I don't think it will lag. But well give it a try though.

  • mac mac

Raj, 21 Jul 2009Hey Guys, I m using HTC p3400i, now i m planning to buy lg cooki... moreYes, you can change the image.

  • mac mac

This is phone is okay, it is very light. But if you had read the details about the phone, it does have flash. This phone is very good, but later on when used it gets' a little stressing. There is a lot of problems to fix this phone, but it is very good though. (:

  • Raj

Hey Guys, I m using HTC p3400i, now i m planning to buy lg cookie, i hav all the specifications, so i find this fone worth buying, can anyone tell me, whether we can change the wall paper on the main screen or not... wud really appreciate...

  • Anonymous

SERIOUSLY!?!?! does this phone ACTUALLY have a STylus?? hahahahahaa how outdated is that?

it's rediculous! No phone has a need for a stylus..if it does, the OS isn't written properly. Still looks good tho!..

  • Anonymous

PhoneGuy, 19 Jul 2009Cookie is a biscuitphone. What more can you expect for $ 229.00,... morer u blind ???
this phone does not have any flash...

  • mackeral

n also will it lag if i use a 16gb card?

  • mackeral

this phone has WIFI?phoneguy mentioned it so im not sure...in the phone specs it says no WLAN...

  • Anonymous

I was wondering how cheap u could get it cause im going to upgrade to one for 29 dollars

  • Eagleseye

hi, 01 Apr 2009Hi Buddy how did u download opera minin on ur handset Just visit mini.opera.com from your built in mobile browser and click on the download link.

  • Anonymous

Its sold 5 million units so far

  • Mr X

i think LG cookie is the best value for money in all touch screan phones....


it doesn't break easily, i have one, it's very cool

  • Anonymous

so many mixed comments...sum1 says I LOVE IT sum1 say DON'T BUY IT. does the news of its 5 MILLION sells says something?

  • Anonymous

dis set s stunningly beautiful...very easy 2 use and its features r extraordinary...especially its touch screen feature s very gud..really worth for its price..