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  • chocolate cookie in

asrejestrobasticoldi, 23 May 2009why is my lg kp500 cookie automaticcally turns-off without any r... morethe switch off problem,maybe not because of virus,it happens to me too sometimes but resolved the problem.it is something more practical.i noticed it happens only when the phone is in my pocket.this maybe only, after a call ends the phone goes is in semi lock mode, means display is visible for a few seconds-you can unlock it or it goes to full lock mode until the display backlight is off .so what i do, after each call ends i full unlock it and lock it again-(display off) then put in my pocket.it seems after a call ends the phone is semi lock mode ,so putting it immediately in your pocket can result of switching off accidentally,with your gestures,movement,sitting,crouching etc

  • Tiffany

Please please tell me if this phone is good or whatever.

I'll be using my money wisely I prefer buying this than a new laptop.

Please give me an advice about this phone.

Thank you.

  • Alex

I am so confused, everyone is saying differents good and bad things about this phone and I am worried that if I get this phone it wont be good. Can someone with this phone please give me some advice or something.


  • Dude

This phone sucks! Didn't even last for 1 month!

  • rocky

i just love it. photo viewing and messaging are good..lot better than other touch phones. better price

  • Anonymous

i want arabic software please tell me about sites to download it ?????????


Andy, 28 May 2009hi folks who planning to buy this Phone might help you in taking... morehi is this is better phone to buy ....or samsung star is better than this....moreover how is the service of lg

  • kaushal

Alex, 28 May 2009Please someone help me, I am getting this fone is 2 weeks and st... morethat is very nicely phone you can buy it anywere. bcoz still i'm usiing this cell since last 3 months

  • devinder

Raj kumar, 28 May 2009hello gsm arena showing details is wrong.. this is not exoandabl... moreno Raj gsmarena is not wrong they are showing the specs which are universal, the specs are true only we indians are getting the version of cookie which can only supports 8 gb, its not their fault

  • Andy

@TaliyaXXX : Dont worry buddy, go ahead n get this phone. Its very user friendly phone.U can have fun with it :) .

  • talyaxxx

i am gettiin thhiiss foonnee soon aanndd i aamm obbsesedd wiidd thhaa thiinngg anndd ii sstill dnno hooww to wwoork iitt bbuutt i wiil ffiinnd ouutt ssoonnerr oorr latterr x

  • Rajkumar

Alex, 28 May 2009Please someone help me, I am getting this fone is 2 weeks and st... moreThis is good phone only don't afraid...

  • Raj kumar

hello gsm arena showing details is wrong.. this is not exoandable up to 16gb... 8gb only expandable please update mr.gsm arena...

  • Avi

i ve bought this mobile last month and its working superb....can u ppl plz tell me how to hide pics in this mobile

  • Andy

hi folks who planning to buy this Phone might help you in taking decision.

1. Touch Phone with Accelerometer:

We can see it
* while composing SMSSMS, if you tilt the phone in vertical position , you get a QWERTY Keyboard(much like ur keyboard style), while helps you quickly compose SMS, either with Stylus r your THUMB(tough for big thumb guys).
* While Playing Videos, if u tilt again in veritical position, you get full screen video. You can play either Mp4 or 3GP Videos.U can also play a WHOLE movie if you wish.
* While Viewing Photos(GALLERY) you can see them full screen in both Horizontal and Vertical position. You can turn on SLIDESHOW or manually go photo by photo using your finger to flip like you flip PHOTO ALBUM ;-).

2. Camera :

* Not bad quality. But if u wanna take photos @ night, u cant expect brighter images coz this Phone has NO FLASH. Moreover if u take pics in dim light the colors will be different shade. Suppose if you take RED color tshirt, it will be shown as PINK color.(Color Blindess ).
* In Day Light , Pics are in very good quality. This phone needs bright light to take snaps.
* Taking Videos is also good enough except it hardly grasps Audio . While playing you cant hear the sound clearly.

3. Downloadable Themes/Games/Wallpapers:

* I know every one color up there mobile, especially if your coming from Nokia or SOny Ericsson modes, but here is BAD NEWS, you CANT DOWNLOAD THEMES, R&D Process going for the same.
* You can Download Wallpapers and can apply them.And also supports GIF animated wallpapers
*You Can download Games via WAP from LG Website or you can download them from Internet. There are no full accelerometer supported games online YET.
* Phone comes with default games which have Dices game using Shake Control.(Love this game).

4.Memory Card Support:
* Phone supports 8GB, as Per GSM Arena,they say 16GB Card is supported.But i heard from other forums that phone with 16GB is performing slowly, You cant expect it run like 8GB card.
* Better go with 8GB. I guess that should be more than enough.

5.PC Connectivity:
* Phone supports connectivity to PC via USB or Bluetooth. Transfering music files and videos are thunder speed from PC to Phone Via USB.
* You can take entire backup of your Phone or Memory Card.
* Can Sync Music via LG PC SUite just like Ipod.
* Can Sync Contacts.
* Has Mass Storage Support Via USB.Which is fastest way to copy files onto your phone.

6: Touch Sensitivity:
* Very responsive.
* Very Userfriendly. ( Even your kid can operate it , So beware)

7. Reliablity:
*Perfect value for your money.
*Has all featurs one needed for current generation needs like WAP, FM Radio, Music Player,Bluetooth with ADP Support. etc

8. Durability:
* I just dropped phone once accidentally while i slipped on my stair case while i was on call, there is no damage happen to phone. and my friend was still ON CALL :D .
* Appreciate LG is quite durable . But have to be really carefull coz we cant be lucky all times ;-). I felt as if I just slipped my heart.

* I have to give 5/5 Rating for this phone.
* For me im geting nearly 4Days battery backup. Irrespstive of watching videos, listening to Music. and Talktime.
*Need to decrease dispaly brightness to 40%.
* change the touch setting alert to NONE.

10. Quality Of Speaker.
* Very LOUD. There is no SEPARATE SPEAKER.Used Ear Piece as SPEAKER too, so the quality of speaker is not upto the mark.
* Headphones came with handset are very good. Nice beat.Not ear bud type. Much like Normal Flat ear phones.

* NO FLASH for Camera. So night photography is worst quality.
* Not much good quality Speaker phone.
* No downlodable themes as of now
* No accelerator games in market except the ones came with phone.

I hope this helps someone taking in a decision.Any more questions drop in and will try to reply asap.


  • Alex

Please someone help me, I am getting this fone is 2 weeks and still ont know if I should get it. Please someone help with whats good and bad about it.

  • Phone Dealer

Karen, 24 May 2009Hey umm is the speaker good? i mean like most LG sound system is... moreYou menttion that the use of your finger is impossible when messaging and so on, recolabrating your toucpad, i first set mine up with the stylus and it was ok but when i just used my finger it was alot better.

the idea of the phone locking itself is so that when your on a call you dont bump the buttons, i know it may make some things longer to do, but its their to stop even more annoying things from happening.

pros: QWERTY keyboard, accelerometer, take a 16GB card, 3" touchscreen, high speaker volume, simple and easy to navigate through the menu, has two interfaces, and some things the iphone will never have, bluetooth and easy removal of battery.

The only thing i wish it had was 3.5mm audio jack (no big loss there are other ways around this)

  • SE G700

Anonymous, 27 May 2009well my cookie battery last 3 days max and i dont mind charging ... moreexcuse me... its not nokia. its se g700!

  • luis08

vhampire, 27 May 2009i just want to ask, does this phone have flash??? i mean when ta... morecīmon read before comment, it says no flash

  • Georgy

how is the speaker loudness
is the speaker loud enough or very quite