LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • rhokz

dont buy this fone the battery sucks it last about less than a day....

  • vinod

This is sexy cell if u wont a phone in between 10k this best option and sumsung star but im using lg cookie and im happy with this

  • sshnuke

The Good:
Not enough to make up for...

The Bad
Unless you want to or are used to using a stylus, texting manually WILL drive you INSANE!!! Read back through the reviews. Many identify the exact same flaw. I read the reviews and still bought it. If I could kick myself harder I would!

Screen locks immediately after dialling a number so forced to unlock screen to perform ordinary stuff e.g switching to voicemail/cycling through voicemail aaargh.

Gonna listen to fellow reviewers this time and sell before the price drops even further.

  • Anonymous

buy the cookie its alot better than that of samsung and read the gsmarena review about the star..

  • Mia

I got this phone but cant find the composer.......
can anyone help by telling me where in the menu it is?? thanks a lot

  • niraj

Ricky S, 24 May 2009Hey one more thng i forgot to mention just keep track of d price... morehey ru sure whatever said abt the cooki??? bcz i was thinking to buy this phone tomorow...hey if u don't mind pls do cal m 1ce on my cell...i need ur advice for this..my no is 9819301499....

  • Lia

Purchased this phone few days ago. I think I like it
except touching part. It's not that sensitive. I have
to press hard. Color, shape, specs, etc are all A+

  • Karen

Hey umm is the speaker good? i mean like most LG sound system is retarded >___>!!!
and it has an earphone rite?
is it easily broken?
and is it easy to text with it?
i want to buy this thing but i'm afraid if i re-sell it the price will go down too low... and my friend told me that its not easy to sell this cookie and its kinda retarded.. o-o;;

oh and one more question, if we took a picture, is the picture will be small? cuz my friend's LG took great pictures with 4 MP but the pics are small...

contact me please :
YM: katarinakosasi@yahoo.com
Facebook: Katarina Karen Kosasi

thank you; :D

  • Ricky S

Hey one more thng i forgot to mention just keep track of d price of Lg Cookie Its on its way down n down n down. If u still wanna own one for ur pocket guys its ur choice. Beware U will Suffer. Hey instead go for Nokia or sonY erricson, these phones arent flawless but atleast they work. My Advice to Lg "Pls guys I thaught i goth a superb Cookie in my pants but after using it for three months I wud say it turned out to be a poo"

  • Ricky S

Hi Guys just came across dhis site wanna tell all d guys who wanna buy dhis phone tat its sucks, its damn slow widh d micro Sd card inserted, u need to restart it each n evry time, N Aaaah d headphone-wont get such crap evn in d second hand store. Am usng dhis phone frm d last three months n my advice to all is just dont buy it.

  • Anonymous

hi im wondering should i take this phone or not i like it but i dont wana be stuck with a phone that is just a problem

please Advice John

  • angel

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i can suggest to you go to lg cookie coz its unique and its has more features. but samsung is good to but limited features only.

  • ujjent

Styxxss, 20 May 2009Who can give me LG Cookie?? I will give you my heart!!i can

  • kapamilya

How to vote here? do you see the red,blue,green on the left side? its is 10 equal best or 1 equal best?

  • kapamilya

kapamilya, 24 May 2009People think im so cool with this phone. they envy me ;panyone who watched boys over flower here?

did you see the phone of all the character there? its lg cookie ;)

join the Touch generation!!

  • kapamilya

kapamilya, 24 May 2009I think the 3inch screen and it can hold 16gig of memory good fo... morePeople think im so cool with this phone. they envy me ;p

  • kapamilya

Alex, 24 May 2009ok thanks heaps. another question. what r the best things ... moreI think the 3inch screen and it can hold 16gig of memory good for movies. actually i have 5 movies on that phone. before go to sleep i watched. i love it!

another thing is the headset. it has a natural sound compared to nokia headset.

also the design. so simple yet so stylish ;)

  • Alex

kapamilya, 24 May 2009its a unisex phone! if your guy better to get the black or the s... moreok thanks heaps.

another question.

what r the best things about this phone?

  • kapamilya

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970The pink one i think its only available in korea ;)

black is sexy ;)

  • kapamilya

yoyooyoy, 24 May 2009is there any problems with this phone? i'm interested in buy thi... moretheres no any problem with this phone. just update the firmware of the phone it would be more stable ;)