LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • rizwan

i am enjoying this. cool phone.

  • KIRAN_K2

hi guy's i bought this phone 15 day's back... those how are planning to buy N73 music edition or sony ericsson C510 think twice cookie is avilable for the same price tag!with similar spec's but with a huge touch screen...
screen sensitivity is good it's flash user interface is too good...camera is OK but cannot be compared to sony ericsso k790i...sound loudness and clarity is not so good...photo browsing is breeze,quick and smooth... Accelerometer sensor is not so sensitive...conclusion-buy this phone if you prefer touch screen... Q)and guy's how to disable the vibrating while selecting the option's i mean while browseing through the phone menu

  • Rajanish Dewanji

Riz, 12 May 2009I need help. Well, a person here once put a code that st... more*#7370#
But please let the mobile connected with charger. As resetting will take time and in betwthen if battery drains then mobile will become u/s.

  • Michael

Does this LG have Flash ??

  • stef

thechosenone, 12 May 2009its a pretty good phone i have one its not bad yes it lacks... morewhat is the camera like? i mainly use phone for camera and texting. ta

  • thechosenone

its a pretty good phone i have one its not bad yes it lacks sum of the things that the iphone, sony, and nokia has but overall its a good touch screen phone for ppl who cant afford the better ones

  • stef

Hi i was going to buy this phone tommorrow and wondering about the camera!!! All i use on my phone is camera, text and calling so if the photos are blury cause no auto focas then its no good to me. ta

  • Riz

I need help.

Well, a person here once put a code that starts with "#" with more digits in it. It is a code that allows the user to go into the internal menu; that gives the option to refresh the cellphone to its original settings.

Does anyone of you know this code?

I want to put it back to its original setting. Thank you.

  • MS

can anyone tell.........we can see PDF files in this phone

  • Anonymous

Sameer, 11 May 2009I have been using this phone for past 2-3 days and i am rea... moreIm not knocking your long review but it is a budget touch screen phone you cant expect too much. LG have evolved with their UI it changes and improves all the time they learn from their mistakes. Take a look at the amazing S Class interface.

  • basha

can we work on internet explorer and can we download and install any software.. please send answer to direct my mail ushbasha@yahoo.com

  • Sameer

I have been using this phone for past 2-3 days and i am ready with my verdict. Previouly i had Nokia E71(symbian), Samsung i780(Windows), sony touch P91i, etc.
Pros :
* This is a good toy phone for people who cant afford iphone. They can experience some touch gestures and fun of rotation, sliding, animations, big fonts, and big buttons. Though this screen is not a multi-touch like iphone and is not static charge based, its a resistive pressure sensitive screen with only single touch. But you can still have some guestures like scroll, flip, etc.
* The fonts are big enough so people can read that easily, unlike windows mobile fonts that are tiny enough to carry a lens.
* the screen is bright (256k) then the usual HTC phones (65k). But still you cant see in daylight.
+ sound is good but the quality is not good. IT sounds like you are banging an empty drum.
* The phone is compact and light weight .
* battery life is ok. last for 1.5days with 2hr take time and contast screen playing.

cons :
This is my favorite...
1. I think LG designers forget many common-sense things while making this UI. This is not their problem. Its problem with company strategy. LG has not been able to develop an evolving UI platform that they can perfect in each model like nokia. Instead, they do great innovation, but its half thought given. And before they fix bugs and correct their silly mistaks, the model is discontinued and the UI scrapped.
2. Ok.. the qwerty keybord is just a joke. They forget that for a thumb to operate on a touch screen, there is a need of minimum contact area. They have done same mistake Microsoft has done by having a keyborad so tiny, that you remember thier chief everytime you remove that stylus. Microsoft forget that this is a phone and its supposed to be used on the fly in outdoors. But they created a replica of desktop and gave users a stylus to solve their mistakes. The world has changed by iphone who has boldly came out with thumb based interactions. Now each company is just copying them.
3. While typing sms, the screen rotates to landscape for keyboard, but when you try to select receipts, the screen again rotates to portrait, then again to landscape. Perhaps designers forget to keep the interactions in same mode.
4. There is no way to stop that suggested in keyboard mode.
5. In a nutshell, you cant use that keyboard and its there just for a feature checklist.
6. The screen is not that responsive. Many times in contacts or sms or email it dosent respond even after multiple touches.
7. Now my favorite stupid thing - LG designers are so bumb that they have copied a microsoft windows mobile feature in dial pad, but implement to show name matching numbers. Who the hell remembers numbers. If i type a name in dial pad, it should actually match that name in my contact book and show that before i dial. But these guys have done the most stupid thing of matching names by number. Who remembers everyone mobile numbers ? may be they couldn't copy Microsoft as it may be patented.
8. Other funny thing.. the sms and email view screen shows only 2-3 words in one line. There is no space or the font is so big that each line is just 2 words. Will you read a paragraph with 2 words per line. can you read that.. Such a nonsense and mistake.
9. There is no way, to copy a text from email or sms and past somewhere. There is no copy-past in any function. This is now common in every base model of nokia or sonyerricsion.
10. You get a notification of emails or sms but you cant click that. you have to go to menu and get there.
11. i cant add shortcuts to desktop other then just those predefined 4 shortcuts- FM radio, galary, clock, etc.
12. It gives constant error that the there is not space for new emails even if i have set my 2GB card as primary storage. I dont know wht the bug is this.
13. There is no option to reduce the email download limit then 100kb. So each of my 500 emails get downloded and i run out of my data transfter plan. normally Windows mobile and Symbian have 5kb as the limit and here its 100kb. Not much thought given while creating email system. I know its not a business phone. But these are just silly things.
14. The camera is most stupid with 3mp without AutoFocus. There is not focusing. The pictures are blure. Also the video frame rate is just 12fps where is most of nokia is 30fps. This low frame rate give you a cartoon movie shooting.

So what is this phone finally.. Bad camera, terrible sound quality, no sms and emailing. I think its a toy for people who want to play. The practicality of this phone is very limited.

All the best..

  • chloe

i am getting 1 of these phones for my birthday im 11 and im going to be 12 does the phone have alot of memory and does it run out of battery easly ????? is it suitable for my age ????
comment back quick ?????

  • JCandmyCOOKIE

just got this phone today..can anyone tell me where can i download themes for this phone?


  • kapamilya

shanee, 11 May 2009i fell inlove with cookie and i'm buying on the last day of... more@shanee

Yes malinaw. watch this >>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBg2nKjsteY

  • kapamilya

paris hilton , 11 May 2009can u record phone conversations with this phone ?@paris hilton

Yes it can record call conversation.

  • Happy mother's day

Happy mother's day, 10 May 2009Thanks a lot Dude, i'm gonna buy this really soon. Anyway,... moreWelcome dude, sori for my opinion coz im filipino, not good in English.

I said this fone is really good, no doubt about it, i enjoy it so much. You know what i have 4 movies in my cookie. i played 2 movies straight in full charge. Another good to this phone is the headset, more natural sound than all Nokia headset. I have no repent to choose this phone, even my first choice is n73 music edtion. Texting is hard in first use, but when your fingers is into it. its like your typing in phone in keypad. Buy this phone and join the touch generation! its worth it.

i love my cookie!!

to all filipino out there, and still confused to buy this phone. all i can say. it is worth it!!

  • Anonymous

nice mobil its what i need for pepole how are looking for smart use- saudi arabia

  • Prettynery

This fone really rocks! I love it!! I was able to download all my favorite music videos...

  • Vick

Hey ! Plz tell me hows the sound quality of cookie and sound of headphones plz tell me who hav cookie