LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • dave

aaa, 18 Dec 2008Zigi, u shud be taking your phone to the customer care, if the p... moreHi Does the cookie come with a set of earphones, i love music, i always listen to it on the way to work?

  • taylor

Amanda, 19 Dec 2008Hi Archelle, Im Amanda. Ive bought one from e-phone store at the... moreeven if it restets does that mean it loses the data like ppls number and pics? i am getting the lg cookie for xmas.

  • tonk

daniel, 19 Dec 2008This phone is amaizin !! I am gettin one 4 christmas !!i am getting it for xmas 08 is it good? it looks cool but is it a goof system and can u play mp3 tunes o it?

  • Anonymous

zigi, 18 Dec 2008hi, i purchased an lg kp500 cookie less than a month ago, initia... moreu must've got a ripoff. 2nd hand for sure.

  • cookie

my LG's software version is KP500AT_V10C is this something got to do with the performance of its software? or is it upgradeable?

  • cookie

whats the touch screen settings all about? specially the touch screen calibration? tnx!

  • sharqy

Is LG Cookie the best (in terms of function & price) touch-screen phone so far? Is it better than the Samsung F480 & SonyEricsson G700? I'm considering these models as well.

  • beatkill23

I'm planning to have this Cookie for my wife and for myself before new year...what's the retail price here in phils? it cost 11 to 12 grand on some mobile shop at SM Bicutan. wats the price in megamall?

Cookie TV ads and fone review at youtube are interesting.

Does LG will release a 5MP fone (with 3G & flash) model ( between of Cookie & Renoir model) cheaper than LG Renoir by next yr?

  • Anonymous

awts It's ok if it does have 3G

  • harry tappenden

the lg kp500 is withoutadoubt the best lg handset you can get the screen is so responsive and the size of the phone is amazing and so is the prize only£97.82 at the carphone warhouse and as some1 has already said dont think twiche go buy it im glad i did!

  • myca

Anonymous, 20 Dec 2008what service is it on? Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, AT&T..?It's on Globe (a service provider in the Philippines). Yeah. But I think they sell it openline for most countries.

  • Anonymous

myca, 20 Dec 2008JUST GOT THE FONE! I love it. It's very responsive and easy to u... morewhat service is it on? Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, AT&T..?

  • Anonymous

hi, can someone plz help me, my phone worked fine, and then all of the sudden it wouldnt restart, it just freezes at the startup screen? please help!!!

  • myca

JUST GOT THE FONE! I love it. It's very responsive and easy to use. In fact, you can ignore that manual. haha. I think anyone will love the fone. It's thin, and the screen is great! I highly recommend this fone. Don't think twice. BUY IT!

  • cookie

hello im from the philippines, whats the initial charging hour for this cookie, and hows the battery? does it last for 3 to 4 days?

  • mymistake

a 3 mega pixel cam which is much better than a 2 mega pixel cam on an iPhone ^^

  • aaa

zigi, 19 Dec 2008i am in West Africa I'VE LOST MY PROOF OF PURCHASE can my phone ... moreIf you bought it from a known and well recognised dealer then he can help you.. or directly approach a LG customer care center if its there in your city!!
I cant suggest more that tht.. other's plz help zigi!!

  • zigi

i am in West Africa I'VE LOST MY PROOF OF PURCHASE can my phone still be replaced.my screen in still not coming. plz help!aaa

  • mark p

for £99 on O2 uk its serious value for money. better than i-phone. only big mistake not to put on 3G. but hey its good enough.

  • Helder M

jade, 19 Dec 2008except from the touchscreen and a good price what other things t... moreHandwriting recognition - you can type or you can write down on the screen.
Lots of fun games with motion sensor!
TouchFLO screen technology - swipe the finger through the screen and you have another screen!!
Flash UI based menu - to personalize and move the buttons to wherever you want!
Movee Studio Mobile application included as well as video editor within phone software!
WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT and PDF viewer!!!!!!!!!!

is that enough?!

Merry Christmas! :)