LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Anonymous

I think before you all start to run and get the phone you should consider the performance. I guess you do not want to carry a phone which too slow, has a lousy battery lifespan, or not reliable.

If the phone is decent and can do the most basic functions reliably than it will be a big hit but we do not know all these yet.

But if you want to trough away 200 Euro please do and let us know honestly about the model. :)

  • Anonymous

Ģ99.95 on O2, Orange, T-Mobile

  • dave

lg cookie carphonewarehouse

99.99+ top up on o2 tmob and orange

  • Anonymous

This Cookie will be a massive success for LG!(the price is very good and it's a full touchscreen handset).Well done!!!

  • Anonymous

badar, 20 Oct 2008170 euro is huge price for this cookie!!!!!!!!definitely too much. my usual phone cause bout 360 - 400 euro but the features are so way damn much better

  • cpw GIRL

Robert Smith, 30 Oct 2008I may get this phone. Its priced in the UK for 99.95GBP at the C... moreT- Mobile 02 and orange in CPW

  • Robert Smith

I may get this phone. Its priced in the UK for 99.95GBP at the Carphone Warehouse , does not state any network however. Never used an LG before. I am currently using a nokia 6600. I use the opera mini browse for the internet and MIG 33 for msn would these work on this phone, (do they work in other LGs) They are Java based. I also used to use Java based Sat Nav programs (I have it on my PC, (I have an external sat NAV)

  • Anonymous

no Wifi
no flash

no autofocus?

lousy battery

slow CPU??????

- think twice before you pay 250USD for this!

  • badar

170 euro is huge price for this cookie!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

too bad no wifi

  • Anonymous

Does it have wifi if it deosn't it suck you should get the lg incite it has wifi and it cost $200 but the coockie is $230 so if your going to get a phone like this you should get the lg incite

  • Anonymous

i like it and cant wait till it comes out
also someone tell me y Velocity Mobile is not on the company section

  • iZrod

There is a new promo video for this phone:


If only it had WiFi...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2008Well done LG but this cant compete wid nokia's extremely famous ... moreThis phone is not meant to compare with phones of a completely different price class, the phones starting price quoted by GSM arena is 170euros which is just over $230 american id guess. Thats very cheap for a touch screen phone. If you want a phone to compare to the N-Series compare it to something like the LG Renoir.

  • Anonymous

Well done LG but this cant compete wid nokia's extremely famous N-series.n-series are da best & durable phones in da wrld.sorry of u LG.

  • Leo

Wow! Amazing price and brilliant features! I will get it as soon as it's available! Can not wait!

  • Anonymous

Not bad, but for an entry level touchphone, the Touch Viva is better...

  • Anonymous

Im not digging the 3 hours of talk time though. Other than that its really a nice phone.

  • Anonymous

The phone is awesome! Itīs a mid range phone and affordable. Comparing to LG Renoir is quite diferent. Renoir has 8MP, GPS, WIFI but the price is much higher. KP500 has the stylus included which is pretty cool. I would recomend this phone who likes touch phones.

  • Junior

Can't waite for this phone, just how soon will it be available to the US.