LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • MIKE

We can just say GOOD FUTURE FOR KOREANS !! (but every way has an end , especially for someone who wants to be the best in a night !)

  • Anonymous

someday, 01 Oct 2008is that mistake that video recording is 12fps?? it might be... moreIt has a 3 MP camera , not 30 MP !!!! :-(

  • someday

is that mistake that video recording is 12fps?? it might be 120fps

  • jjj

no wifi
no 3g!
lg can make refrigerators better!
but cellllsssss are just suckyyyyyy!

  • Anonymous

ppl stop complaining about its cam, lack of wifi or other features. if u wna c better features on pretty much the same design get the kc910 (renoır).

  • John

Numaan, 01 Oct 20083.0 inch screen AND no wi-fi? ... i'd just buy myself a C90... moreI am not a LG Lover and do not owen one too. I buy normally Nokia or Sony. But I am open minded to any good preformance phone. if you want a wi-fi then you can by LG KC910 and Samsung Omnia, OR Iphone. Sony and Nokia do not sell yet any phone in this class type. Go to your study. Do not compair Orange with Apple.

  • Numaan

3.0 inch screen AND no wi-fi? ... i'd just buy myself a C905 which has 2.4 inch screen AND wi-fi + 8mp cam!

LG™ ... BOO!


  • monish

i think this would make my gf happy for her birthday. she's been using the crappy motorola spare phone after her samsung D840 brokted. simple phone for a simple person. :)

  • Anonymous

what's hell? you need cam? it's phone. do you understand?

  • jona

makes calls and lets u txt... and offering the benefits of a touch qwerty keyboard... At the right price point this phone wouldnt look too bad

  • Anonymous

12 fps!? thats weak...

  • lexopus

Very good looking phone, but no flash, why. Could be better with 1GB internal memory. Good overall.

  • Anonymous

Not worth a second look

  • bill

Video 12fps (what resolution ?), 3Mp fix focus, no flash....What is the point ? Just to be able to play with a touch screen...would get a 6220c any time over this one

  • Anonymous

It's not even 3G.

  • ramr

this will kill the iphone!

  • Dan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970i agree

  • LMZ

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970LG KP500 seems to be the first affordable touchscreen handset.Coming shortly after the 8 Megapixel KC910, the new KP500 is a cheaper copy of it, created to enable more consumers to enjoy the benefits of touchscreen technology.
The phone will feature a 3-inch TFT touchscreen display with handwriting recognition, a full QWERTY (virtual) keyboard, auto rotating sensor and motion sensor games. Quad-band GSM connectivity is present.

  • A

poorman's Viewty :) .

  • hu

looks decent internal mem and cam could be better