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LG KP500 Cookie

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hi, i am using this mobile; but it hangs some times n functioning is also very slow as compared to samsung star and one thing more it doest show full charging mgs after charging even if we recharge it over night

  • majid

2 days ago I bought my cokie.its works perfectly.But i am not familiar with some functions.for instance its shows the latest taken photo in the main display.can anyone help me how to remove it please.can anyone tell me how to remove the music button in the main display.how to change shutter sound?meanwhile when i use it the vibration and click tone work together .is anyway to use tone only.is ther anywat to turn of the vibration without turning of the sound?

  • Anonymous

This phone is a waste of time...I bought my phone last year May and thought it was the best phone in the world. The touch in my phone is messed up, when i press one thing something else happens...i can't send text cause when i press one letter another letter comes up, its even a struggle to make calls. I don't know what happen cause the phone never fell and now it start too malfunction. LG better stick to making refrigerators yes. Cause Life is definitely not Good with their phones.

  • zEro

Hey hey! If you are having problems with the touch responsiveness try to calibrate the touch settings of the phone. Adjust it until you are satisfied with your set up. I don't know about the battery problems but my battery life is great. I can play mp3 for 5 0r 6 hours straight. Im still loving my KP500. Its a very wonderful device. Yeah! |^_^|y

  • Neeraj

Hey i have problem with d touch of d phone, its very slow ..can any buddy help me plzzzzzzzz

  • AvidSamsungUser

I am currently using Samsung Metro S3310 and I like that phone a lot. Now I am loking for a Touchscreen phone like the LG Cookie. Only problem I am facing is with email - while using GMAIL for Mobile (a Java App), the phone does not offer any delete/backspace feature when composing a message. Also, I cant edit the contents of a mail while forwarding it. Can anyone confirm if these features for Gmail for Mobile work well in the LG Cookie?

  • Shoeb

Keith, 04 Mar 2010I'd like to say that LIFE's not Good with KP500 as the Battery T... moreyour mobile attacked by virus.

  • Keith

I'd like to say that LIFE's not Good with KP500 as the Battery Time should be extended.

  • alex

Polly 63, 02 Mar 2010could anyone help me please? Just downloaded a game and it's ask... morejust turn da phone sideways

  • James Kudjo

l started using this LG KP500 Cookie phone for the past two months,let me say here that the phone is good,however,just this month l have lost the ringtone without the ear piece you cannot receive a call although it vibrates alright,how can l restore ringing tone. thanks James Kudjo,Accra - Ghana.

  • Hemant

Justineg, 25 Feb 2010Is there a way to get my cookie to play Youtube videos? I unders... more if you want to play youtube videos then download youtube java application from gallery.mobile9.com

  • Tiaman

I own one I bought last year bt the Kp 500 is a wonderful 4ne. Bt are its accessories on open market? e.g. the touch screen, the front buttons and side buttons?

  • Navi

CHRISTI, 26 Feb 2010i looking for a second battery for my lg kp 500 can anyone pleas... morei have the second battrey 4 u, but some one shall tell me , if i click or make video, its go on phone memory when move this to ph to m.card it works bt not remove 4m pn memory, + if delete from ph memory d data also delete from m.card, someone shall plz tell what is this problem

  • Polly 63

could anyone help me please? Just downloaded a game and it's askin me to put it in landscape mode.... thing is I have been into phone settings, screen settings etc and still I am unable to put it in landscape I would appreciate any help thanks!

  • Naman

monica , 01 Mar 2010awesome phone! mines pink and i luv it! but wish i got vandyke ... moreHey!! dis iz an awesome cel.... n mine is vandyke brown :)
muuaaahh...luv dis phon....

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2010yuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest phone on earth...guys buy only ... moreany reasons?

  • ali

i bought this phone from 2 months and am loving it, it is a very good phone.

  • monica

awesome phone!
mines pink and i luv it! but wish i got vandyke brown instead. :)

  • Anonymous

yuuuuuuuukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiest phone on earth...guys buy only if u want to waste your earned bucks....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2010samsung corby pro is much better.. its wifi readythe difference b/wprice is 5k in India,,,
iF u r not price sensitive then its fine