LG KP501 Cookie

LG KP501 Cookie

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  • Anonymous

Hey everyone! I've had this phone for 2 years now and I must say that I cannot wait to change.Here is the list of faults of this phone:

-If you delete a lot of texts, a blue rectangle will appear and you'll have to turn it off to get rid of it.
-It has a life of its own: a couple times it has called up my friends without my knowledge and wasted my entire credit! It has even, more recently, sent texts including loads of 0s or empty texts again without my approval, thus, again, ruining my credit!
-Sometimes the alarm won't work which is quite an issue when you need it to ring at the same hour every day.
-Also, on the tactile aspect of this phone, it regularly bugs by for instance deleting a word you'd just type.
-Finally, the camera is not that great, and I don't know if its just my case, but i'm unable to transmit the pictures onto my computer

Other than that, it's fine, so I'll give it a 3/5

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2011i do have kg cookie any body want to buy? how much?

  • somemans

is LG KP501 cookie better than LG GT505 or the opposite

  • Anonymous

i do have kg cookie any body want to buy?

  • coco the cat

Its a good one.Have been with it for quite a long period 2 or more years.love it.Dont know if i can access some spare screen parts,thats the only problem i am facing now.are they replaceable.thanks LGs.

  • Anonymous

A very good phone! Nice and easy to use. Apart from it freezing once or twice I have had no other problems with this phone for the 2 1/2 years I have had it. A good phone for begginers. A good phone for anyone!!

  • MOMO

its a good phone and have hade it for about 2years but the problem i have with it is that the touch screen is not funtioning well,are there spaires for them or its ireplacable.please let mi know.email.

  • floss930

i have had this phone for nearly 2 years and i have had no promblems with it apart from it freezing sometimes and it is quite slow at times apart from that its a good phone. i would recomend it as a first phone for children as it is simple to use. i give it 4/5

  • jatin

ahmed, 29 Mar 2011hello,i just take this LG kp501 from my friend with 55 euro... morevery nice...very nice looking phone..

  • frankfimy

This by far is one of the best phones by LG.The cookie is really a wonderful phone i have had it for about 2 years now and i enjoy it alot YEAH YEAH it has its problems eg.No youtube streaming(except for some few lucky ones),freezes at times(which phone doesn't???),no 3.5mm jack but apart from those its an excellent phone for its price durable,has a great music player,the screen size is excellent for watching movies,has crisp sound quality on calls,hey im even using it as a modem right now..Realy if your on a budget and want something fun BUY THIS

  • ahmed

hello,i just take this LG kp501 from my friend with 55 euro,it is useful,but strong and sweet ,i like it very very much.

  • Anonymous

this phone is cool. i take it 7 months ago,and is still lookin' brand new! i'm sorry that i say this, but IS FAR MORE elegant than an IPhone. i like the menu colour, but with the themes i have a big problem. i've been on hundreds of sites, but no where i cannot find themes. i like the auto-rotate sistem. is a phone for people what loves the touchscreens and simplicity. sow, buy one and you never regret that think :)

  • Josip

This phone is great.
I dropped it a million times and lost it once in snow.
It was 10 days in snow and when I found it was still working, just had to dry it.
At first, the screen had black points, but after a day or two it got normal, and now works perfectly.

  • felix

I just traded something for this phone and i cannot hear or be heard during a call, can anyone help me?

  • dhix]

It is ok but not the best ! It keeps sending blank messages and it takes forever to load everything ! The screen should be more sucure!

People have said if you drop it brakes but i have had this fone since april and i have droped it about 1 million times and hasent broken at all !!!

  • Anonymous

plss ku990 and this KP501 has same jack for handsfree ??? fast pls . sory for my english ...

  • Anonymous

it sucks i cant send pics and they cant fix it cuz the phone is not even from the us iiiii hhhhaaaatttteeee this phone dont buy it

  • Anonymous

it is gud.bt the software features r nt in my fone lyk word.powerpnt nd pdf.i dnt no y? its camera z loverly!

  • tsukasa2k6

i've got the phone like 2 weeks now i'm satisfied with it :) sometimes the phone hangs alot, pretty good battery life. I got the phone for its multimedia capabilities. Music is ok it would be cool if LG would had put a 3.5 mm(Like the Cookie T300 ) jack on it cuz the headset which comes with the phone isn't that good but gets the job done and now the best part the movie playback i love it the screen is good and colorfull if u know how to convert it to a good resolution and good quality in MP4 the vids will look awsome on it :D even the subtitles are readable on anime for example so and i dont use it's internet side only for IM and google images cuz the phone doesent have 3G only EDGE but its ok for me so the LG COOKIE is a strong 8 for me :D

  • Bmx

this phone is very good. has a touchscreen. I got myself. The camera has a camera claaritat exceclenta. Even should you buy it