LG KS360

LG KS360

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  • groovy girl

well ive has mi fone 3 weekz yestersay it it sooooo koool i love it sooo much its really gud alll da people i know who have this fone luv it to free bebo facebook and myspace and 300 free texts or 600 for 20 anyone thinkin of gettin go out and get it its sooo worth the money xx

  • Lauren.

This Fone Is Awesome !! I Got It A Couple Of Months Ago .. And it woz kinda different from myy old fone Sony Ericsson w580i Walkman .. That fone woz my best fone evaa .. BUt This Fone Is Amazing With Itz Slide Out Keyboard. Especiallyy Free Access To Bebo , Facebook , And MSN Messenger.

  • kev

i was thinkin about getting dis phone and i dont no what to think my friend recormended dis phone can you people plz plz help on iff i should get dis phine

thank you;

comment bak

  • Vlad

The interface is almost flawless. It could have been designed better, so as not to have to switch between different buttons that mean "ok" (the alarm for instance).
I think they did a pretty good job at mixing together a phone and a keyboard, and I think it works pretty well. However you will feel that this phone requires you to use 2 hands more often. It may have not been built for busy people :)

  • Emma

I have the KS360 and it is the best phone I have ever had. This phone has everything I want and need. I love this phone and all teens should get one.

  • pelo

LG HATERSSS, 24 Mar 2009to all da dudes out there dat r planning to buy diz phone.......... morehey ther,, u wont bliv it.i bought the fone n it ddnt even last me 5dayz it was alredy freezing and switches itself off,i bought in the first wk of this month,i took it bac 2 the shop n im stil waitin 2 hear 4rm them,i was sooooooo xcited wen i got the fone but afta the whole xperience im no longa sure if i shud kip it,,the fone is jst krapppppppp

  • Emma

So excited to get this phone I'm getting it very soon. By what I've looked at the phone is brilliant. Umm my friends have it and they say it's perfect. So I'm sussed!

  • Anonymous

I bought the LG KS360 last month. It is a very nice phone but i'm having problems with a memory card; i cannot download music the phone tells me that the memory is full. I experienced the same problem after i bought the phone then it was replaced because they thought the problem was the software. It was ok with the 2nd phone, i downloaded about six songs and i got the same message that the memory was full. I can't do it either with the photo's. I moved sixteen photos on to the memory card without any problems then the memory was full.
I am getting irritated now, i don't know whether it is the memory card or the phone. I formated the memory card. Pls. advice if you had the same problem and how did you sort it out.

Many thanks


  • Mojo

mam, 25 Mar 2009dis phone is cute and am gonna buy it but, do they sell pink in SA?Pink is exclusive to edgars

  • Mojo

mam, 25 Mar 2009dis phone is cute and am gonna buy it but, do they sell pink in SA?Yes pink is available at edgars. . . . . .


i really love da fone so dude out der dont hesitate to buy da fone sharp

  • mam

dis phone is cute and am gonna buy it but, do they sell pink in SA?

  • jho

hookie09, 21 Mar 2009hey everybody im thinking of buyin this phone but im not sure 50... morei just bought one for my niece...it's actually ok..i think it's great for teens and to those who does not want business type of phone but has the kind of looks, its mixture of all the phones...i thinks the camera was great.and but hey i only bought the phone 6hrs ago so i can't tell you more but...for the record, i think it's kinda cheap too...


to all da dudes out there dat r planning to buy diz phone.......................
i had mine 4 almost a month...i never drop it and itz well taken care..
diz phone keeps on switching off by itself..itz pretty annoying wen ur in a middle of texting..
and u cant cmpose a tex msg wen ur fon a running out of bat...unlike da other phones...ex;sony...
these phone freezessssss like hell...u hav to wait for like a few swc to open ur msg..( i dun store a lot of msg so diz doesnt make any sense why it often freezes..)
the keypad button infront totally $%^&!!
it brokes easily...

plz dun buy diz phone

  • Anonymous

it s the worst phone ive ever bought insted of bying this go for the nokia n73 it far much much better


can i view facebook like on a normal pc?

  • Anonymous

hanh, 23 Mar 2009get a full touch screen menu???? how can you do that ? please te... moreTheres no touch screen menu ONLY touch screen dialing dude.

  • irrate lg ks 360 use

Why does this handset always reboot itself? and how do you transfer music to the handset via pc? the LG PCsuite that i received with the handset does not give me the option to transfer files!!!!!

  • hanh

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2009hey every 1, i'm from LG and im just telling you that u can get ... moreget a full touch screen menu???? how can you do that ? please tell me ? I'm going to buy this phone

  • Beida

This phone is pretty crap it switches off snfd i dont even have it long and Im dissap thought it was great yeah great crap Im very angry it ddnt even fall or anything if you slide it down it switches off Crap phone