LG KS360

LG KS360

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  • Manguru14

reminds me of sony ericsson phones w580i ....

No HSCSD/flash phone really sucks ...let's see the price range

  • Anonymous

They are clearly trying to impress the younger market, but it still looks to business-like for teens, and to teenager-like for businesspeople! Real hit-and-miss story for LG!


  • Anonymous

one word to say...

  • Anonymous

wow... unbelievable, i thought the next phone from the ks series would have wm6,3g,hsdpa,qwerty and have the similar look of the prada. but wow this was totally whack

  • bryan

based on the pictures, the keyboard is probably gonna suck like on the sidekick slide.

  • Karim

Really ugly phone, it looks like an old Nokia

  • tech fanatic

come on it's not that bad it's odd but sme people will like it

  • Anonymous

it looks like a kids phone

  • Dani

what is this thing...

  • Cur-G

This is an emo phone

  • Pep

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2008looks like death on a stickhahahaha, thats funny.

If you see the phone, I would have expected a smart phonr, with at least Wifi and 3G support. Quite disapointing LG but good mid rate phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2008Looks like it fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch comin... morehahahaha its a funy comment :D:D
You Rocks

  • ForeverPad

Looks like a phone from and old SCi-FI movie looooooooool

  • Anonymous

Looks like it fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch coming down ^_^ JJ its an OK phone, not for me though

  • Anonymous

looks like death on a stick


looks smart could have a lot more to offer like a better camara.Mabye its better than it looks but overall good phone from LG i am sure they will surpise us soon :)

  • unknown

i dont get it. why are they keep making phone like this? maybe profit is still good. iono but this is another crappy phone made by lg.