LG KU380

LG KU380

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  • sissi

hello, is it normal that the phone rings only ascending? i would like to make it sound directly to a level but i can't find this setting.... is it something by default or am I doing something wrong?

  • tomas

Talk time up to 2 hours and 45 minutes.
Is this a joke?

  • Anonymous

Who's interested can walk in to maxis ctr to buy this phone with chippest price (RM199 T&C apply).. see you there

  • Robert

Beautiful phone, economic and full functional.
The keyboard is a little illuminated, is it normal?

  • Anonymous

nice phone, but I can't find its PC software and the modem driver, since those were not included in the pack and are not available in the support page of LG website. can anyone help me? thanks, Alberto

  • zeeya

its a cool phone i ever had. its truely mindblowing...!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

hey i just want to know. how is the sound when u wear earpiece. is it loud??

  • Anonymous

one of the best phone i ever had. there's an mp4/mp3/3gp player. nice camera. good battery life. but very low speaker. i can't hear the music that much. and the other problem is, i have a 1gig memory card and whenever i search its contents, videos for example, it is really slow! is there a way to hasten its performance? but over all its a great phone.

  • chafik

where can i found the memorie voice

  • Jandreks

Ill be acquiring this unit soon. I'm a bit excited and still doubtful if this will meet my expectations. So, Any users there, would you still recomend this?

  • PoweR_of_DarK

People you make me cheer. Are you blind or are you Nokia and ther fans?
This phone have a perfect display (for 176x220 ofcourse) very would speaker, mp3 and mp4 player (with fullscreen of all display, not like Nokia 5300 with fullscreen who can't play clips with fuul displey ressolution 320x240), Very goo slide mechanism (not like Nokia 5300 and Samsung E950 who can't close himself), a multisession, a 3G, No the crashing joypad of SE, two cameras with good cuality, memory card slot.
And the best of all is the chocolate like look, but lith very low price.
And if someone write "the keypad sucks" dont trust hit, because Only person who never tuch this phone can write it.

  • BaguM

awful keypad! I saw such inconvinient keypad for the first time in my life. the phone itself isn't very pecial, just 3G and nothing more. would not recomend it!

  • Anonymous

the specs posted in this site doesn't say that it has an FM radio. it just says there is an MP3/MP4 player, and not a radio.

actually, it is a nice phone. a cheap one compared to a nokia, almost similar to the N70. i was actually surprised that it has a memory card slot.

  • cocktailqween

would ne1 actually recomend this ph???

  • iceman

i applied for a postpaid account and i was able to obtain the phone; its very easy to use, has all features that i need in a phone...

  • Anonymous

The pixel of the camera is not really 1.3 MP because the pictures taken using the phone are not clear. Also, there is no FM radio in the phone which is in contradiction with the specs posted in this site.

  • Anonymous

another entry-level 3G phone... looks better in black... could have it in a better design just like its predecessor, the ku250

  • Menghong Lim

Dear Sir,

I am now using LG KU 380 white color, but the feature u provide is available FM Radio... But I can't find it in my phone. So is it wrong at your site or how is it?

Best Regards,
Menghong Lim

  • Anonymous

another sub-par phone by lg?

  • Anonymous

Definately a step back from the VIEWTY