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LG KU380

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  • Anonymous

nice fon...i accidentally dropped it...but still its working perfectly...d' battery can lasts up to 3 days as well even if its only charged for 30mins...very nice

  • Priit

I bought this phone, because i liked specs and phone look. Camera makes good pictures, only thing. But everything else is not good. Places where is little bit weaker network signal, or little bit more shilded environment - a phone looses network connectivity. Screen won't work correctly, a cause of this is slide. Moving slide breaks a cable inside phone. I have 2 years this phone and i have used it only rearly and i have a screen problem because slide moving. A waste of money ....

  • Park HaRa

First I wanna comment on the LG Hater - what the heck are you doing dropping it? Weirdo.

I really like this phone. We actually got it for free as a reward and I think it's nice. The design is nice and the camera quality is good too. I love playing music here. Though the battery doesn't last that long. Still great.

  • wil

can i change the casing

  • iyang

i had this phone for 3 years, it's really a good phone for me, the quality of the camera is great! ^_^v

  • endlesone

is this phone using a modified symbian os? if not then can anybody tell me what is it running on. thanks


a trash phone... (swear)

after you drop this, it would start to shut down itself, then having blank screens.. after that, its just a waste of money... personally based from my experience.. bought it last october 1,2008

  • mshaun

i recently bought this phone and i must say i'm impressed with the phones features and performance so far: the actual internal memory is 80MB but only 60MB is useable, only minor drawbacks of the phone is the wuality of the camers, sound get drowned whenever i am outside, screen visibility suffers in direct sunlight.what i like is the battery life takes 4 days to drain on standby normal usage on sms 2-3 days. i also got a free extra battery when i purchased it at the store. a recommended "basic/introductory 3G" handset.

  • Anonymous

dear pankaj, pls keep in mind that phones are not designed for da use of indians only....

  • sabir shah


i am from Pakistan. some days before my brother in law gifted me this mobile. when i use this mobile i found this very compitable. however there is still no laundhing of 3g so i can't say for 3g.

  • hioda,askalany

why i cant go whis my mopil to the computr

  • bravesoul

I bought this phone through internet and it cost me €20 about a week ago, i did it because of 3 things, first it's very cheap, second i unlocked it myself using a usb cable from my KG800 Chocolate, and three because it's 3G, Holds a 2 GB card, funny i have put my 16 GB microsd card of my nokia 5800 and it read 3.5 GB,LOL. So it can read SDHC cards, although just 3.5 GB.
Not bad, for a €20 Phone.
But it becomes very slow with a 2 GB microsd card, let alone a 16 GB, so i use only a 1 GB card and it's speed increased by 100% at least. Funny thing, this phone has a arm 9 cpu which is the same than the Nokia 6630 and N70 with 220 MHz, but still it is not a match for these two i just mention.
All-in-all it's a nice phone, but it's not the best 3G phone of it's category, not by a long shot.

  • yengginajosh

Hi guys, can u help me to set back my LG because i can't send messages anymore. It happens when a kid boy of my neighbor borrow it to play games but afterwards, i cant send SMS already.Maybe he touched something on the settings .I check all the settings that i can remember but it's still cannot.. Please help me what to check on my phone... THANKS..

  • ana

A friend of mine tried to send me a picture but I cannot find it anywhere. A picture of envelope appeared to the right corner of the screen and a top of the envelope was an exclamation mark. So there was no new message in messagebox but the envelope just stays on screen. Sending a picture is an multimedia message (I think) so what do I have to do to see the picture? Thanks

  • madz83_ph

Sandy, 23 Oct 2009The only problem i encountered with this phone is it's volu... moreyah you're right just the volume not that so loud....but still love it though :p)

  • madz83_ph

me I still love ku380 ive been having it for more than 2 yrs now ,just recently that I got problems with it but still love to use it once it gets repaired coz' I like the size and the color white one with the green lining (which I have) I just love it and so feminine...simple but class....and so cute....^_,^

  • madz83_ph

maarit, 02 Feb 2010Can I find cell phone battery somewhere? My phone is two ye... morehi! i also have ku380 but rightnow it's not working anymore because of the flex as what the techinian told me..it's also 2yrs old already with me...

  • PAUL

How to use the BROWSER AND GOOGLE of LG KU380???
what sim is compatible in it?...

  • maarit

Can I find cell phone battery somewhere? My phone is two years old and it is going to say good bye. I am livinng in Imatra, Finland.

  • Johnny

aleksandra, 01 Jan 2010best phone ever :)Wait till you use it for a few months with a microSD card in it lags like hell. Worst phone I have ever had (I've only had about 6 tho)