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LG L3100

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  • Kay

How do you guys feel about the speaker volume on the LG5600?Bought mine new last week,and can hardly hear when making/receiving calls..is this a phone specific problem, or just the one I got was faulty?Really dig the interface..nice display, good resolution etc. Anyone else have problems with the sound quality?

  • zabac

Doesn´t even cost 100 euro in sweden (The Phonehouse):p so it´s not a waste ;)

  • joe james

Dont waste ur money on this phone

  • Jesús

Hello. How can I upload java software to this phone?. How can I download sms from it?. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english.

  • ade

i really really like my fone but i lose the manual book :(
where i can get the manual of the phone that i realy like?
can you all help me?plizzzzz.....

  • Mark Requena

To Goonsmriti, I’ve read in some web pages that the G5600 is 99% similar to LG L3100. You could try downloading the software for L3100 and try it. Who knows, you might strike LUCKY! You can try downloading the software @ www.wowlg.com there’s a link named (TELEFONOS) in English Phones on the right hand side of the page and either search for your phone model or try L3100.
Anyway I hope this email helps you

  • Anonymous

Data Cables at
Soft and contents at
The best forum of LG phones (in Russian) at

  • Lionet

Hello Guys and Girls! Which software you looking for? All soft are included in packing box. They are:

ContentBank for downloading pictures, ringtones, games and for uploading photos

PC Sync for syncronization of phonebook, memos and shedules

LG EMS for sending SMS and EMS
InternetKit for using the phone as a modem.

What else?

  • Goonsmriti

Its a nice fone with a good resolution quality but anyone please help me to find the software for the fone G5600...

  • krishna

its a veri nice phone specially the resolution of cam is nice but i dont have the softare for downloading if any information then plz send it to me

  • Lionet

Well, the phone is really nice. Good looking design, big and bright display. Ringtones' volume is some quietly than I like, but it's quite audible.

Yes, it can be connected to the PC via USB-cable. See www.mobileaction.com for example. But you must use original LGE's software only, with some bugs and habits.

No, it's haven't neither BT nor IrDA. And I'm very confuse with this condition.

But it don't matter at all. I like my phone! :-)

  • Mark Requena

LG L3100:Very nice phone, very light, feature wise (1-10)pts ="6".software/manual @ www.wowlg.com or www.es.wowlg.com.
Anybody knows "where can i buy a data cable for the LG L3100? Ha, ha, ha....... "i still don't have the cable!"

  • stan

Hey, yeah I've found it great, cheap and nice sound, very light

  • Kolb

The phone is quite basic but very user friendly. Great screen quality.

The downside is that it doesn't has infrared or bluetooth. The data kit comes with a serial cable, and hell, it's slow.

Overall quality of the phone is proper. The only thing i'm a bit worried about is battery time. Bought it last tuesday, and the battery is low allready.

I'm happy :)

  • gerardatienza

May i ask if this phone can be connected to the computer via USB? Does the phone have external memory (like MMC, SD, etc.)? Please respond. Thanks in advance.

  • scoogie

ACE MAN!!!! best fone oot! BUT......wheres the bluetooth?

  • iclodean_bogdan

i would like to know where the infrared port is placed in the phone??

  • ashok

i would like to know where the infrared port is placed in the phone??
phone is really nice in all means!!!!

  • jhk

How nice it is!!!
It's so attractive... Better than any
other BARs...!

  • David Tsvariani

Need a software for upload the java games to LG L3100, is it possible?