LG L3100

LG L3100

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  • verdin

this price is 200 euros i thing is not exessive price

  • Mile

I need help.
Where I can download user manual in pdf format and software for this phone?
Thank you.

  • Ashan Jayasinghe

hey poeple dont cus LG they just came into the phone industry there becoming really good at phones trust me , I'm in Srilanka and i had had an LG phone trust me LG phones are great Nokia licks balls !!!!!!! Keeping creating good things LG

  • Mortada

it is agood mobilie but i buy it without Data cabile
and i want ask you how take the photo from my phone to my PC.??

  • Jordi

I own one, Looks fine it's Very stylish, but very simple phone, easy to use and cheap. Good sound quality, middle picture quality and poor limited functions.

  • Peter Piinyie

I expect this phone to be a middle class phone that can have infrare port, and to increase the phone memory capacityto at least 500 just what samsung did in thier middle class phone.

  • KB

Grt Design but poor systems. LG shd follow time. expanded memory, bluetooth, mp camere etc.

  • smartass

dont waste yr time on this and get a motorola E398

  • john fong

it is very nice to be here, alive and kicking

  • varun verma

It's really a good looking phone. I am living in India(new delhi) if i want to buy this phone. How can i get it

  • Anonymous

a joke

  • tim

when can I bay this phone

  • brad truman

LG should stick to making microwaves!!!

  • vali

it's the best phone.I reali what it

  • swetanshu

hey this is really cool man, i have this cell and it's wonderful
why to shy when it's one time buy

  • Fester

Nice looking phone, small sizes, strong battery and if the price is low, then it is perfect ! Does anybody know the price yet ?

  • Anonymous

huuuhuu aliens are coming - what a non-earth design....but it looks great

  • Slamet Ikwanuri

I'm interested thats phone elegant.
could yuo please inform to us about prices

  • hoanglong

very normal

  • Anonymous

Do u people have any idea when this phone will be launched?