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I originally got this because there were no LG T5100's on sale, which is a phone I was hunting for. This thing is alright, though I did lose interest in it, which caused me to get rid of it. I would MUCH prefer it if T-Mobile didn't implement their own UI to this phone, I'm not a fan of it. I would prefer LG's very own UI, it would suit this phone much more, which is exactly why I wanted a T5100 much more than this thing. Overall, it was pretty decent

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    • Harminder singh
    • Dkv
    • 22 Sep 2020

    Tmu-p40, 22 Mar 2019Registration codeRestriction code

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      • Tmu-p40
      • Dkv
      • 22 Mar 2019

      LG L5100, 14 Mar 2019Phone restion codeRegistration code

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        • LG L5100
        • Dkv
        • 14 Mar 2019

        2shae, 05 Feb 2006someone ... anyone ... tell me ... mp3 work`s on this phone... morePhone restion code

          • a
          • apple
          • miN
          • 15 Apr 2010

          better than iPhone !!

            • a
            • adi
            • PSw
            • 19 Oct 2008

            i dont have the software/installer anymore.. does anyone knows where i can download it?
            thank you!!!!!!!!

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • mtt
              • 24 May 2007

              The L5100 is great but the battery does not last - I charge it everyday. My phone is exactly one year old now and I've started having problem with the screen. The screen only shows half and as the day goes by, it keeps reducing. My fear is that before the end of next week, everything will finally disappear. Please help!!!

                • A
                • Alex
                • n2y
                • 01 Feb 2007

                i don't know how to upload photos and mp3's onto my phone..pls help !

                  • b
                  • boaca laurentiu
                  • nxt
                  • 23 Sep 2006

                  Greet I use the program LG furniture agents V. 16 From I can to discharge from P. C. On telephone no pix no mp3, can as I don't know I to do setarile, will ask for if can me help with a some his what another advice software is reconcilable with the telephone LG L5100

                    • u
                    • u o.
                    • mtw
                    • 22 May 2006

                    i think the phone its ok and pls for those of you living in nigeria you can get your phone connected through mtn,glo or Vmobile gprs and download whatever stuff you want like vedios(3gp and mp4) polyphonic ringtones, AMR(true tunes) but as for mp3 noway, whenever i try i writes not acceptable on my phone.I wonder if there is any way to download mp3 on this phone

                      • m
                      • mark
                      • RNJ
                      • 20 Apr 2006

                      my L5100 functionality is really stuffed up. how do i get its memory to work properly ? it does not save pics, videos, txt msgs (only sim) i am really at a loss atm. could anyone pls help me ?

                      email me if you can .. pls !!

                        • V
                        • VANE
                        • iGf
                        • 03 Apr 2006

                        Please help me how to create GPRS and MMS to cosmofon

                          • s
                          • saheed
                          • mJ1
                          • 25 Mar 2006

                          i can not upload mp3, video files and rings tones despite following the procedure in the manual my number is 2348029298351 and i hail from nigeria

                            • j
                            • jony
                            • ntM
                            • 24 Mar 2006

                            plssssssssssssss.....help me because i dont know how to upload mp 3 s to my phone,lg l5100.in the manual,write that thiss cell phone is supporting mp3 s but i dont know how i must do,and also i dont know how to upload videos and other stuffs. plsssssssssssssssssssssss i am desperated....... thankssssssssss

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • iLV
                              • 22 Mar 2006

                              has the LG L5100 got bluetooth? because i might get this phone but i dont know wether to or not. Or do you get a cabel or somethign with it so you can put you photos or what ever on to you computer? please help :D

                                • ?
                                • Anonymous
                                • iJ9
                                • 27 Feb 2006

                                Please, i need a software to flash my LG T5100, my mp3 player didn't play and my pictures and my videos didn't save to the phone memory! please, i will be glad if you can send it to my e-mail address- doskodcomputerguru@yahoo.co.uk

                                  • l
                                  • luci
                                  • pkc
                                  • 21 Feb 2006

                                  plssssssssssssss.....help me because i dont know how to upload mp 3 s to my phone,lg l5100.in the manual,write that thiss cell phone is supporting mp3 s but i dont know how i must do,and also i dont know how to upload videos and other stuffs.ho can HELP ME?? pls..contact me with an e-mail or with messenger,my id is vedeta_is_bammbucha..pls..contact me to took about this problem..thx very much:P:)

                                    • 2
                                    • 2shae
                                    • mt4
                                    • 05 Feb 2006

                                    someone ... anyone ... tell me ... mp3 work`s on this phone (L5100), maybe with T5100 software ?

                                      • r
                                      • raico
                                      • n0M
                                      • 29 Jan 2006

                                      finally got the data software for the L5100 and T5100 after an exhaustive search. Im finding it impossible with both softwares to down/upload anything via USB cable. it always times out. The phonebook and other crap functions work. Seems pretty useless. Im looking for T5100 flashes so i can flash the L5100 and thus enable MP3 and other functions restricted on the L5100 (theyre both the same fones but the L5100 is restricted because its issued by T-mobile)

                                        • A
                                        • Adam Davis
                                        • P%P
                                        • 19 Jan 2006

                                        aaron, i had trouble getting mp3's on my t5100 as well. and i thought perhaps my software cd was at fault or the phone, but i found by playing around i was finally able to get the mp3 selection to appear as shown in the manual. to do this you have to fool around with what application you are installing from the cd. keep trying each icon and before you know it...it will just work.