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LG L5100

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  • raico
  • mbE
  • 18 Jan 2006

hi, bought the phone a week ago 2nd hand 100euros with USB data cable. i think i got stung cos i agree with all the other phone owners. its crap! The problem i have is that none of the Data suite software connects to the phone. ive looked all over the net for the correct version but cant find anything. Can someone PLEASE supply a link or send it by email. would be most grateful! cheers

    • A
    • AARON
    • S7%
    • 30 Dec 2005

    yer its a mint phone and all, but how do u put mp3 on? on the menu it just comes up with pics and movies, and it wont put on mp4 cus it aint alud, but its gd, i just really wanna put mp3s on.(to show off!!!) p.s my pc doesnt have infra red

      • m
      • mina
      • mcy
      • 16 Dec 2005

      i thot its code or whatever was T5100... its a cool fone i agree but then again its lack of blue tooth is its major flaw + its hardly what i call compatible with other fones. if u get my meaning., infra red and all.

        • O
        • Oszkar
        • Mvs
        • 06 Dec 2005

        Hey suckers, if you don't know what you're talkin' about, then just shut up, and for those of you who can't read, don't mess whith this phone. It has mp3, great pictures, I bought it whith, two diffrent cables, a serial cable, and a USB cable. It is made very clearly, which to use for mp3 and pictures (USB), and which one for other stuff like games(serial). If you can't read it's not the phone's fault. Thanks and buy this phone, cuz it's great!!!

          • v
          • viktor trifunovski
          • SYW
          • 02 Dec 2005

          the phone is cool but why the creators dont put bluetooth on it,great camera mestake number 2 no memory stick i mast get out the pictures with irda other thing are fine.

            • M
            • Mann
            • F4p
            • 29 Nov 2005

            Great phone but a bit bulky. How do I disable the T9 permanently? It keeps on coming up after I disable it.

              • J
              • J
              • PQb
              • 17 Nov 2005

              Hi guys!!

              i have had a look at this fone.. BIG for sure! Though the screen moves so u can take photos like a digital camera

                • n
                • nikola
                • iGg
                • 10 Oct 2005

                this phone doesnt support mp3 format,lg t5100
                supports mp3 i tried but theres no use trying, i`ve made a mistake buying it sorry

                  • V
                  • Vacareanu Andrei
                  • mYd
                  • 16 Sep 2005


                  how can I upload mp3 to phone?
                  i have usb and cd, but I couldn't upload...:((

                    • g
                    • gaGA
                    • mAZ
                    • 15 Sep 2005

                    i think it is to thick

                      • s
                      • shezza
                      • yZy
                      • 15 Sep 2005

                      i don't know how to upload photos and mp3's onto my phone

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • imk
                        • 11 Sep 2005

                        i have the lg t5100 and think its a great phone. but wats the difference between the t5100 and the l5100.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • PFM
                          • 23 Jun 2005

                          I think this phone as well as T5100 should have bluetooth. LG's bluetooth phones are coming too late. The competitors are too fast ahead.

                            • M
                            • Marian
                            • MSR
                            • 17 Apr 2005

                            I know this is not a bussines site but I must tell everyone I have for sale some brand new, unloked with 1 year warranty LG L5100.And that it`s not all, they came with all accesories(original) and you will not belive the price.Is someone is interested please contact me at Burdasan@aol.com.

                              • G
                              • GRAEME
                              • mbE
                              • 13 Apr 2005

                              i have a lg l5100 and cant get it unlocked eny where i live in spain. the phone is ok but has no BT why not? the sharp gx 15 costs 90e and has better things on it this IR BT video and if someone sends u something by ir u can get it but not on the LG L5100. its not worth more than 100e in my book. the nec 616v is better lol. dont buy it if u send pics 2 ppl ir

                                • p
                                • peter
                                • P}v
                                • 14 Feb 2005

                                I think L5100 is a special version of T5100 for T-mobile. So Some fucntions (MP3 player..)ware erased by T-mobile. T5100 is better than L5100 regarding functionality.

                                  • n
                                  • nixon
                                  • yZx
                                  • 10 Feb 2005

                                  i live in austraila and i want to buy a t5100 or a l5100. wat r the differences; if there is any and which is better. does t5100 have video playback, mp3/acc, Enriching sound with 40 Polyphonic MIDI technology and white balance etc.???
                                  please email me asap

                                    • t
                                    • terryp
                                    • jK@
                                    • 04 Feb 2005

                                    My friend used this phone in Korea. This was one of the bestseller, because of the mp3 and best quility of the pictures. Buy this phone, but it is little bit big.

                                      • b
                                      • blinki
                                      • mV2
                                      • 21 Jan 2005

                                      he has best camera that i saw eveeeeeeer best mobile best

                                        • h
                                        • henri lubega nsamba
                                        • j6x
                                        • 21 Jan 2005

                                        hi can i buy a couple of these phones and make like a dealership? am in kampala uganda please tell me whether its posible .