LG L90 Dual D410

LG L90 Dual D410

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  • AnonD-274403

Symbian22, 12 Jun 2014Only low quality headphones ruin this phone. Is sound is good? in speaker

  • AnonD-274403

How about camera quality of this phone?

(Sorry to re-post as I forgot log-in)

The android OS ALWAYS reserves some space for itself so you'll NEVER get the full space quoted by the manufacturer (I know that is not fair but then so do memory manufacturers like hard drives, pen drives...they never give you the quoted space)

Here, have a look

This may not directly answer the question, but its close. The discussion is about Galaxy S4 but applies equally well to all devices and obviously, our L90

...and, nobody but you failed yourself as you don't know such a basic fact about android


LG company lied to us about the internal memory which they said is 8GB, I bought this phone on Friday, what I found in the internal memory of my LG l90 d410 is 3.87gb and gsmarena review team also follow them for this lie. I use to have confidence in gsmarena review but this time they fail us.


L90 MetroPCS version finally got rooted....!

Now those people with that version are going to work on recovery and soon we, with the international version, as result are going to benefit.

Get ready for good ROMs to come up for our beloved L90, soon enough ;)

Please upvote this so more people with MetroPCS version can head to this link and learn about getting the root


AnonD-249851, 15 Jun 2014ya friend i tried all ways....i even found another wifi direct c... moreFirst, you can take it to service centre to figure out what exactly is wrong with your device

Second, you could try posting your problem over at XDA forums to get second opnion

Here, create a new post


Here, create a totally new thread

  • AnonD-249851

AnonD-273861, 15 Jun 2014Check http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/VS840PP/Userguide/conne... moreya friend i tried all ways....i even found another wifi direct connection and it also get connectcted..... it successfully get connected.....but after that sender mobile goes into wait state and after some time it shows sending fail.....i dont know what is happening....i observed this with samsung note2,3 device bcz LG device not aviable......all other third party applications like Superbeam,software data cables etc works fine.....plz help.....

  • AnonD-273861

AnonD-249851, 14 Jun 2014today i got this mobile...i brought it in 15K......overall perfo... moreCheck http://www.lg.com/us/mobile-phones/VS840PP/Userg­uide/connecting_to_networks_and_devices_wifi_dir­ect_connection.html

  • simonwt

Babasatt, 13 Jun 2014Hello everyone! I have two question; 1,why no body want to answe... moreHi, can u tell me where u saw the update. I am waiting for it. Many Thanks

  • AnonD-249851

today i got this mobile...i brought it in 15K......overall perfomance of d device is quite impressive.....
Quadrant benchmar score : 8650
Antutu benchmar score : 15935 (varying every time)

only problem i found in this device is wifi direct option is not working at all means not able to send and recive files vai wifi direct option.. this is big flaw in this device i found......is it happening only with my device ??? or its happening with all L90 models ????
plz reply.....

  • Aussie

I have used three LG phones as my daily driver and all had serious Software issues.
Moto G is really an excellent device in this price range. A high end phone ð± in a low end price.

  • Dody

Android27, 12 Jun 2014Why consider an old and underperforming Xperia C ? If you are... moreThanks v much

  • Dody

Anonymous, 12 Jun 2014Both Moto G and Xperia C waste phone. Xperia C have low internal... moreThanks guys

  • AnonD-273647

Just recently bought LG L90 Dual.
No words, awesome phone. Very fast and powerful which allows heavy multitasking without even a second of delay. It is too good.
LG phones (including G2) suffers from a screen flicker.
It doesnt hav 8GB internal, just 4GB as kitkat takes up too much size.
The phone is quite longer, 16:9 rather than the better 5:3.

Other than these, GO for it.
Best smartphone in its price, better than motoG

  • simonwt

Android27, 13 Jun 2014Just go through these app reviews to understand how to use them ... moreMany thanks for your reply. My friend did say about wakelock detector I did tried, but I don't want to root my device. I hope lg will fix it with an update. Thanks

Babasatt, 13 Jun 2014Hello everyone! I have two question; 1,why no body want to answe... moreOTG support is missing and to enable it someone has to write a kernel for it to work with the OTG drives

Xperia M2 for example, has OTG support because it is manufacturer enabled

The only hope we have is if it gets rooted (clean root) then gets a modified kernel to support OTG. That update most probably will NOT enable OTG functionality

simonwt, 12 Jun 2014I have this problem.i am using this phone from last 1 month. The... moreJust go through these app reviews to understand how to use them in order to find out exactly which app is misbehaving and eating away all the battery

Follow the link to "Wakelock Detector" and "Greenify" given in the description, they will take you to the respective page with a video review. Then just follow the link again to download the app

Start here,

I'm surprised that your friend didn't offer you a solution though

I hope this fixes your problem but before that, you should have root access for best results (Greenify requires root access to work better)

  • simonwt

Babasatt, 13 Jun 2014Hello everyone! I have two question; 1,why no body want to answe... moreI am using this phone for almost a month now. I dont have any idea about Otg. Can u tell me where u found the update. I have some problem with battery so may be that update will fix it. Thanks in advance.

  • Babasatt

Hello everyone! I have two question; 1,why no body want to answer about OTG? 2,yesterday i saw software update for this phone D410 about 145 mb, so i don't know is for what. Please somebody answer me thank you.

  • Maksood Ali

LG L90 dual is perfect mobile, everything is perfect, no lags, u can play any type of game in this phone, i m using this phone from 1 month, nice nd gr8 phone in this range, u cannt compare from others