LG may be developing microLED screens for smartphones, trademark filings reveal

Vlad, 22 March 2018

LG has filed the necessary paperwork for three new trademarks in the EU, and all of these are about marketing microLED displays. The trademarks the company wants to own are XµLED, SµLED, and XLµLED.

If LG is granted these and actually plans on using them in shipping products, we're not sure how well they will be received - it's a bit weird to go with "µLED" instead of "microLED", that might result in people having issues with reading the names.

Anyway, according to the filings, these trademarks are primarily for "mobile phones, smart phones". So far we've seen a huge microLED TV from Samsung, and Apple has been rumored to move to microLED screens for its wearables. Yet this is the first time we're getting a hint about a display panel maker creating microLEDs for the smartphone market.

But that's not all that LG has added to the list of products for which the trademarks are intended. We also get laptops, tablets, wearables, and even smart and/or VR glasses. That seems like a pretty extensive list of things that can have a screen, so don't assume that LG is surely working on microLED displays for smartphones just yet. It is however safe to say that the company is at least considering that.

The upcoming G7 (or whatever it will end up being called) has been rumored to come with an "MLCD+" panel, since apparently LG's given up on its P-OLED ambitions in the smartphone space, at least for now.

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4K IPS display show the LCD light very tiny, Why are you still waiting MicroLED? HDR display has richer color and contrast, we are nothing to know the the MicroLED display quality and it may course you waiting for release into market, you will be ...

  • Anonymous

And now you just project. You get called out for spreading lies, side tracking, and being childish. Now you're cop out is to project that onto me. Such a topical basic bish

Say what you want because this is the last time I will reply to a child have a good day :)

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