LG showcases new rollable 65” OLED display

Yordan, 08 January 2018

LG Display used CES 2018 in Las Vegas to officially unveil its new OLED displays - one of them being a 65-inch 4K flexible screen that can be rolled like a newspaper. The other is an 88” 8K OLED panel that we told you about last week.

The flexibility of the 65” OLED display makes it easier to transport or store in the corner. Its small size allows for better space utilization, meaning you can take the TV anytime, anywhere and “enjoy bright, high-resolution content”.

LG Display will also showcase its latest upgrades of the IPS technology. The panels now have IPS nano-color, “which expresses rich colors using nanoscale high-color reproduction particles, and IPS technology, which increases the transmittance and reduces the intensity of light reflected on the panel.”, said the company in a press release.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 09 Jan 2018
  • p%D

LG sure likes to make products nobody asked for or can afford

You dont get the idea. Im saying they could had made this affordable if they reduced the size and resolution. That is all im saying. But noooo. They still insist to make 88 inch 8K tv no one can fit in their house or afford to buy. I insist FHD 30inc...

Really cool! but why is it always "new 5000 inch panel!" "Look at our new 1x2 kilometer display!!" i just want a 35-50 inch tv not these 60-90 inch

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