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  • Housam

Ashok Gupta, 20 Jun 2020Wifi not working switch not on from today how I can get on ... more#1 way from setting and chose Backup & reset
#2 way turn off your device and press power button with volume down button together , set Recovery mode ,then chose factory data , will be take 60 min at least
Or , go to youtube step by step , have a nice day

  • Ashok Gupta

Wifi not working switch not on from today how I can get on for wifi. How I can get factory set up or formate my Nexus 5 phone.

My girlfriend uses my old Nexus 5 and I was surprised to find the other day that it can get a 4G signal. Don't think we had 4G in 2013.

  • NEXUS 5

This is the babies devloppers best phone evah ♥

  • Anonymous

Alphadurus, 22 Dec 2019Unbelievable how so many users still using nexus 5 in 2020,... moreThe battery is bad after all those years, but they even got a Android 10 rom for it and it runs smoothly enough. People are still looking for batteries or for modded increased batteries to keep their phone alive.

  • Sunny

Had this phone for so long I can't remember, 4 or 5 years I guess. Never a single problem except for the occasional buggy apps I added and then quickly removed when the phone acted up. The battery is still good, had it on standby for three days still 34 percent remaining this morning! I know it won't last forever but it behaves as though it will. It will be a sad day when it finally passes on :-( and I hope I can find a similar replacement.

Alphadurus, 22 Dec 2019Unbelievable how so many users still using nexus 5 in 2020,... moreThat was indeed a magnificent phone. I did have problems with the battery after a year though to the point that I had to charge it longer than leaving it unplugged.

  • Alphadurus

Unbelievable how so many users still using nexus 5 in 2020, I got mine replaced 3 years back.. Nexus 5 was a beast for sure but widt poor battery. I got 2 hours sot max. But it was the best phone for rooting and adding modded os.. still the king of good times..

  • Rossco

I've had one of these in the past - and am seriously considering firing it up again. Awesome camera - my only criticism, would be the screen goes 100% dark when viewing in landscape mode - if you're wearing polaroid glasses.

Grabbed one of these out of the e-waste bin at our office building. Was still on Android 5. Got it updated to 6.0.1 and battery life felt like it improved. Working great with wireless and wired chargers. Decent speed, still quite responsive. Nice size for smaller hands.

  • Khai

Still using nexus 5 with Lineage OS nougat + microg + magisk systemless..

This one of the best phones I ever had,, wish they would bring EXACT same design out with 2019 spec bigger battery.

  • AV

I have it from 2014, still in everyday use.
Battery is tired, but I guess it is normal after 5 year of usage.
I have noticed an overheating problem with resource intensive games, otherways very good experience with it.

  • sajith

I'm using my nexus 5 from July 2014. This is one of the best mobile phones I have ever used. Still no lags.

  • Grizzly Adams

Had one of these at launch, have had various phones since including Huewai flagships but still keep going back to these,even just managed to buy new one for £35 as my original has started showing cracks under glass, best phone ever imo

  • Anonymous

Just bought this phone used for 23,50€. Only now I read the spec sheet and realized it has Qi wireless charging. This phone is absolutely amazing

  • Thomas 17

Best phone a had ever . Only problem is the battery. Still working as 2 phone.

  • Anonymous

PTihi, 11 Apr 2019Very good phone, best android phone I had. Unfortunately i... moreThis happened to mine but you can buy a battery for less than a tenner and it's actually really easy to swap it out, you'll find videos on how to on you tube. My Nexus 5 is now on it's third battery (I bought it at launch) and still going strong.

  • PTihi

Very good phone, best android phone I had.
Unfortunately it just died on me today. The battery gave up, it would not charge above 10%, and when disconnecting the cable, it will drain in couple of minutes.
In these years I had only two issue: micro usb port become loose and the power off button sometimes stuck (constantly restarting the app until somehow I managed to unstuck it)

I would happily pay a good sum for a similar sized phone, with similar robustness.

Best android device I have ever used. Perfectly working even now after 6 years from the date of purchase.