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  • AV

I have it from 2014, still in everyday use.
Battery is tired, but I guess it is normal after 5 year of usage.
I have noticed an overheating problem with resource intensive games, otherways very good experience with it.

  • sajith

I'm using my nexus 5 from July 2014. This is one of the best mobile phones I have ever used. Still no lags.

  • Grizzly Adams

Had one of these at launch, have had various phones since including Huewai flagships but still keep going back to these,even just managed to buy new one for £35 as my original has started showing cracks under glass, best phone ever imo

  • Anonymous

Just bought this phone used for 23,50€. Only now I read the spec sheet and realized it has Qi wireless charging. This phone is absolutely amazing

  • Thomas 17

Best phone a had ever . Only problem is the battery. Still working as 2 phone.

  • Anonymous

PTihi, 11 Apr 2019Very good phone, best android phone I had. Unfortunately it jus... moreThis happened to mine but you can buy a battery for less than a tenner and it's actually really easy to swap it out, you'll find videos on how to on you tube. My Nexus 5 is now on it's third battery (I bought it at launch) and still going strong.

  • PTihi

Very good phone, best android phone I had.
Unfortunately it just died on me today. The battery gave up, it would not charge above 10%, and when disconnecting the cable, it will drain in couple of minutes.
In these years I had only two issue: micro usb port become loose and the power off button sometimes stuck (constantly restarting the app until somehow I managed to unstuck it)

I would happily pay a good sum for a similar sized phone, with similar robustness.

Best android device I have ever used. Perfectly working even now after 6 years from the date of purchase.

  • nick

best phone ever i had!!!

  • nick

best phone ever i had!!!

  • jack

Awesome and the best handy, still working perfectly since 2013

  • Nexus 5

Still going strong with Pure Nexus :)

  • Sabuhi

Best phone in the universe bud WI-FI died in Dec 2018 R.I.P (

  • Dmitry

Legend. I bougth it on start of sales. Best smartphone of my life. Unfortunately GSM-module died in January 2019. R.I.P.

  • Noobly7

I bought this phone in 2013. Unfortunately I sat on it and broke my screen in 2015 so I switched to Samsung but the Nexus still works only the microfone is broken. It was the best smartphone I ever had.

If you are planning on buying this phone, then you should get the battery replaced.

  • Chris_Andrews

I've had one from March 2014 until December 2018. For 2 years it worked perfectly, except for a broken microphone. In the last 2 years it was getting slower and slower, but still, a very good purchase.

  • Barbarian

I've used the Nexus 5 from January 2014 till december 2017. The only reason that made me change is that the phone crashed every 2min if i was lucky.
It was not a bootloop problem but yes a motherboard problem that made me change to an Oneplus 5T.
If it wasn't for that issue i would be carrying this phone today. I fell in love with the Nexus 5, got a nice promotion on january and that's when i bought it and it was a beautiful and beasty piece of hardware that i had in my hands.
Simple, elegant, minimal, potent, on screeen navigation buttons, awesome display and bright too. Back in 2014 and 2015 IPS was still the best display around with amoled slightly catching up.
I liked the camera, i still have a few amazing pictures i took with the nexus 5 on my album. For me the most disapointing "feature" was ofc the battery and that the phone got to 70-80 degrees unbearable to the touch if gaming for more than 20min.
What i also didn't like was the speakers, they were too flat and low in volume until i had to root and make them 30% higher in volume and cripsier with an equalizer.

Now i own a oneplus 5T with is far superior but to be expected since it's 4 years newer. But i still miss my Nexus 5 and my experiences i had with it with rootings and basically everything i know, thanks to the awesome Nexus 5.

  • Hey

Soupape50, 14 Nov 2018I would agree with you if it had a removable battery. Because ch... moreWell i changed mine 1 month ago and it was easy as piece of cake. You cant go wrong. Its so easy. Now im getting like 5 hours sot instead of max 2 before.Still using it , works like new.

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2018Yes, no problem...this phone is still futureproofI would agree with you if it had a removable battery. Because changing it is a pain in the butt so it's actually not futureproof at all.