LG Nexus 5

LG Nexus 5

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  • Javed

Man o man... I will mah N4 16gb n buy this new monster from Google... \m/ \m/

  • rockon

This mobile is fab and can be compared with note 3, iphone 5s and much more. Just one thing that this phone is lacking is just its batterylife. I like it very much...

  • Anonymous

2300mah is too less.

  • AnonD-174477

i love this phone but i dont like the main UI its kinda boring

  • Therion

13,2 cm tall for 5" phone is awesome

  • AnonD-186709

Excellent by lg & google but there are something missing card slot,fm radio.so Giving 10/10 icluding the missings.Nexusss U Beauty

  • AnonD-186709

Excellent but something are missing fm radio,card slot and battery over all 10/10.Nexusssss u Beauti

  • AnonD-151320

3 GB of RAM ??? but in this article you said " 2 GB of RAM "

  • kamikazi

calm down! guys and wait for offical realese:D then wait for testes for batery! and i know i got a expansive hard to find in iran micro-sd card obtained hardly btw it has 32gb of storage thats enought!!! mabe it also has 64!!!! i wish price is good:((( btw i thing this si so ugly and i want old nexus 4 design and feeling but im waiting i should see maybe its even better when we saw it from near!!!! just wait!!!

  • Anonymous

i love the design.

great job LG.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2013Low battery if you think 2300mah li-po 5" screen is not enough.
there is the LG G2.

  • shri

I'm on

  • AnonD-43357

3 gb ram oO - if this is true and with at least 32gb of storage and a competitive price i'll might give it a try!

  • Ermo

2300 mah ?! Seriously ???

  • AnonD-182744

is good to see that LG doesn't give up in this smartphones war =) talking about the nexus 5 it needs more battery and radio, but is a cool phone!

  • AnonD-43357

3 gb ram oO - if this is true and with at least 32gb of storage and a competitive price i'll might give it a try!

Again no memory card slot! Why they don't listen to the customers? 16 GB is NOT enough, we are not in 2009! 32 or 64 GB should be the standard these days. The battery should be around 3000 mAh. This will probably not succeed.

  • AnonD-128995

All these juicy stuff and a 2300mah li-po battery!?

  • Anonymous

Low battery

  • nnaeem11

battery is some thing i search for and its nothing to have it in pocket need atleast 3000mAH but google is still giving the old things as the most important part is battery life we already have all the candy in hand give us phone what is the real need now