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LG Nexus 5X

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  • Anonymous

Kosem Kim, 19 Jun 2019Refurbish phone for nexus 5x. Make mod copper heater, thermal pa... moreSeems like a headache. Better buy a used phonr model that has good reviews.

  • Thanos

It is my forth year now with the Nexus 5x. No problems at all! It's camera continues to amaze me and my followers!

  • JK

Does this have magnetometer?

I was so close buying this device and I feel like if I had bought this device, I would have regretted. OnePlus saved me.

  • Anonymous

storemandan, 29 Jul 2019Should i be cautious buying a used 5x?dont buy it..

Should i be cautious buying a used 5x?

Got one for free today, amazingly it doesn't bootloop. Honestly a capable backup phone if it lasts

Refurbish phone for nexus 5x. Make mod copper heater, thermal paste, paste pad. Always check temperature not more then 40°c. Hope Last long. I love camera with laser auto focus. other not much. For now i just use only 2 week. For now.

  • Anonymous

Bootloops after 2 years +, just in time for the warranty to expire

  • Anonymous

It seems the CPU is 64-bit but OS is only 32-bit, right?

  • Anonymous

It's been a decent phone for the 3+ years I had it. Until the dreaded bootloop. Just ended up getting a different replacement. 5x definitely had some nice features that I wish were in the phone I bought to replace it. I think it took a performance hit with Android 8.0 installed. Just with it couldve lasted longer.

  • Anonymous

Mine just started bootlooping today, it lasted a year and four months. I never played any games in it and i thought that it would at least last 2 years, well luckily i bought it for very little money. Now i'm getting an iPhone

Boki, 09 May 2019Just to post comment about bootloop, my Nexus 5X got it yesterda... moreNice opinion. I also love the device. Good camera. But. Problem bootloop.

  • Anonymous

Its too greet to use

  • Boki

Just to post comment about bootloop, my Nexus 5X got it yesterday. Next month it would be full 3 years how I own it, it was great phone, but yesterday just freezed for few seconds then restarted itself and started bootlooping. I loved kamera and that simple Android OS, but now it's time to buy something else.

  • flosh

nexus 5x is one phone I ever enjoyed using,But the one am using the screen got blank and could nt fix it

  • Me

Kosem Kim, 07 Apr 2019Last time i order nexus 5x Refurbished on Shopee. When i got nex... moreMy getting hot too, and lagging. But it works still

Discharged quickly

Last time i order nexus 5x Refurbished on Shopee. When i got nexus on hand. I feel worm on back fingerprint. Amd then i shutdown form charging.left 15 minutes. And i turn on back. Suddenly notice bootloop. And. Shutdown byself. So i try. To open and try to heatgun. So. Nothing happen. When turn on. So my nexus was dead. I want to reballing. But. I dont have tool. I check on online. The nexus got for custom emmc to 4 ram. I research. It actually. Form LG V10 emmc exchange to mexus emmc. That why how nexus got 4 ram. Dont ever buy thia device. I got 2 nexus for cheap price H791/H798. Both also dead nexus.

  • zap

gantogtoh , 15 Mar 2019install pubg?yes you can install pubg, but you have to play it on the lowest setting

  • gantogtoh

Sensible Guy, 02 Jan 2019Don't buy: even as a second hand phone, the risk of the phone en... moreinstall pubg?