LG Optimus 4X HD P880

LG Optimus 4X HD P880

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  • jigsaw

dis is the best smartphone in d world today...LG has done a superb device...

  • AnonD-47467

What is the difference between Quad core and Dual core? which is strong? thank you

  • Wind

Nyx, 18 Mar 2012thanks for that information..now i can cut this 1 from my phones... moreHTC One X is horrible, it has no SD card slot and no removable battery, buying it is a huge mistake.

  • Wind

KitoNhantumbo, 21 Mar 2012Best phone in the market in my personal opinion.you're right! but there are still many noobs who say it's ugly. so what if it's ugly?! it's not your sexual partner!

  • Wind

This phone is 5 times better than HTC One X and 10 times better than Sony Xperia S. Why? Because it has a microSD slot, a regular SIM slot and removable battery.

  • AnonD-21659

AnonD-47463, 22 Mar 2012Expecting this product in india by july...great phone with styli... moreWhat is RND?

  • AnonD-47463

Expecting this product in india by july...great phone with stylish look & superb functionalitis because i experienced it wit RND phone....great come back we done LG keep it up

  • richard

i think optimus 4x have problem. like others optimus have battery & overheating. this is the very common problem in optimus im using g2x. with the same problem...

  • putangena

this is a monster by specs but the design is as horrible looking like a monster.,

  • KitoNhantumbo

Best phone in the market in my personal opinion.

  • Anonymous

132 x 68 x 9 mm

  • Jack

Beast of a phone yes but!!! Its design is minging! Look at it, it basically lacks quality and sexiness...

  • mndhta

Yeah dis is smthing big from the LG house

  • Artanis

This is REALLY a "Beast", the mini competitor to Apple's iPad 3 4G and shadowed the capability of Samsung Galaxy S II HD by using the first-of-the-kind for handheld device - GeForce GPU. Nokia's Pureview, where are you?

  • AnonD-10974

Now that's what we called Beast! Too big probably but nice specs out there, tegra 3, html5 and flash, 1 Gb ram and 1.5 Ghz quad core..wow, just wow!

  • lol

Guest_star, 03 Mar 2012yes it does have NFCu confirmed it does come with NFC??
where u get this resource?

  • shakespeare

john, 17 Mar 2012i have GW525 but west of money due to LG technical upgrade polic... morecomments are everyone's right, however, if properly
spelled, grammatically correct, supported with facts & studies with reliable resources are the ones highly valued. misspelled comments and wrong grammar makes it a subject of low importance and possibly ridicule as well.

  • huzi

expert, 04 Mar 2012i think they have failed to make it again if we compare all anno... moreyou said that the lg 4xhdp880 has only 5mp camera when it is not the truth and you are also said that it has similar features with galaxy s2 which is also not the truth that means you are lier

  • huzi

every body says about up gradation of operating systems but there is no need of up gradation for the mobile phones because after having a latest mobile phone every body wants new mobile phone as per my experience.then why would we up grade our OS when we need new mobile.And there is so much competition among the mobile companies that after every three to six months they launch new mobile phones and lg is among one of the leading such companies

  • Nyx

john, 17 Mar 2012i have GW525 but west of money due to LG technical upgrade polic... morethanks for that information..now i can cut this 1 from my phones list and stick on to htc one x =)