LG Optimus 4X HD P880

LG Optimus 4X HD P880

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  • OLED

I see a lot of people suckered in by oled displays, the technology is to immature for now... give it 3-5 more years to mature. AH HD IPS will lead the way for 2012 and onwards. If oled was so great why didnt apple ever use it in their products?

  • expert

does LG have any brand value in mobile division/????

  • truxbyakuya

Actually 4GB is proper only when google releases dual boot devices running android 5.0 or even key lime with ubuntu 11.xx. We will use these for ultra mobile computing and double as a mobile cell also^^

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2012Although the spec. looks convincing at this momment,the 1.5 GHz ... moreThe phone with the cpu you listed won't be out until Q4 2012. So yes, Tegra3 is the king for now.

  • varr

"4Gb of RAM" - yeah, keep dream on

  • Anonymous

excuse me as i know omap 5 is dual core.

  • Adomas

Anonymous, 04 Mar 2012Although the spec. looks convincing at this momment,the 1.5 GHz ... moreWhoever builds a 4 Ghz 8-core 16 thread Nvidia Tegra V first, will surely dominate the market!

  • AnonD-15182

I am planning to buy a phone but will never buy this because it is of LG & they do not provide update to their old customers.

  • Anonymous

Although the spec. looks convincing at this momment,the 1.5 GHz Tegra III quad core is just too slow. When the 2.0GHz quad core TIOMAP 5000 series cortex A15 with the powerVR SGX 544MP2 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Krais processor with the adreno 320 comes out,this phone will soon be
outperformed. To make a killer phone, the ideal spec should look like the following:-

1) 4.5"- 4.7" HD display with gorilla glass.
2) At least 2.0GHz quad core TIOMAP 5xxx Arm Cortex
A15 or Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 krais processor.
3) powerVR SGX 544MP2 or adreno 320 or Mali T610 GPU
4) 48 GB internal storage with microSD card slot
5) 4Gb of RAM
6) HDMI and NFC connection available.
7) 10 to 12MP camera
8) ICS operating system.

Whichever cell phone manufacturer can produce a phone with the above spec. this year, it will dominate the market very soon.

  • systemsoundbar

133mm x 69mm x 9mm

  • Annonymous

Although the spec looks convincing at this moment, it will soon be surplassed when the 2.0 GHz quad TIOMAP 5 seriesarm cortex A15 or the Qualcom snapdragon krais S4. So there is nothing special. To make a killer phone, the spec should be as follows:

1) At least 2.0GHz quad Core Arm cortex A-15
2) Mali T-610 GPU or PoverVR SGX 544MP2
3) 4.5 to 4.8 in HD display
4) 4GB of RAM
5) 48GB internal storage with microSD card.
6) NFC and HDMI enabled
7) 3500 to 4000 MAH battery.

Which manufacturer can come up with a phone with the above spec will be the leader.

  • AnonD-30293

Anonymous, 29 Feb 2012Product specifications is definately great. Let's hope the softw... moreLG's software will most likely disappoint, as usual

If you get this phone, wait till the Dev community come up with something, with Cyanogen Mod being the most common, and one of the best, options

  • Anonymous

this one or htc one x?

  • kish

AnonD-34336, 29 Feb 2012This is the Real Beast.... Now the Smart Phone War of 2012 is be... morehi,expert! every one like new technology BUT what does it cost? here you can read specifications and write your opinion,and unless those 4 processors as swallow battery power nothing is new.

  • medo18

What about the LED notification ?

  • expert

i think they have failed to make it again if we compare all announced lg phones with others like L3 AGAINST GALAXY Y, 4x hd against galaxy s2, 3d against 3d itself, all the others looking 1 step ahead.....l3 has 3.6 mbps hsdpa only and galaxy y has 7.2,,,if we look to the 4x hd, all the functions are simmiler to galaxy s2 which is already 6 to 8 month old,,only different is processer,, and 3d has only 5 mp camera and it is very dissappointing, and optimus vu is too big to handle with simple square look it looks very bad..............failed....

  • sanju

I like very much this handset. SUPER DUPER

  • Anonymous

Taz, 03 Mar 2012What happened to FM? Is there USB otg?? Yes through mhl connector like sgs2

  • Taz

What happened to FM? Is there USB otg??

  • jack

khan, 01 Mar 2012let,s see who is best iphone OR LG Optimus 4X HD P880Iphone suckzz..go for 4x hd awesome processer nothin beat lg..quality remains