LG Optimus 4X HD P880

LG Optimus 4X HD P880

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  • Anonymous

Sasacovic, 23 Feb 20124.0 ICS? The picture shows 2.3?no it doesnt

  • Anonymous

that's ICS not 2.3

  • sagar

a beast.

  • AnonD-43479

Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A9

  • Jignesh

Excellent phone developed by LG!!! Thank you LG Team.

  • johnny cage

only wish battery would be 3500MAH, even if the phone wud be a little thicker i wudnt mind, but i wud love this phone with a 2 day battery life, i hope LG techinical staff is reading this forum

  • Anonymous

AnonD-13009, 23 Feb 2012what is TBD ?? :? i'ts great ?? how about MicroSD?? I think its like TBA! Those are preliminary specifications yet!

  • Anonymous

Battery life: 4 and a half seconds

  • kirulz

quad core era begins...

  • mays

eish this phone is the bomb

  • xxx

this is just perfect size!!! 4.5'' is average and 5'',5.3'', 5.5'' are too big. 4.7'' is just what i wanted. quad processor huh. wow!

  • dasparion

at last,,,
a lot nicer name than just "X3"

  • Spencer

Good job LG. This baby will be new lagend. But also have to release it faster or else others brand will get the trends again

  • AnonD-13009

what is TBD ?? :?
i'ts great ?? how about MicroSD??

  • Sasacovic

4.0 ICS? The picture shows 2.3?

  • AnonD-43438

Awesome processor
waiting for this

  • Alom

Its so nice&gorgious 3d&dual core

  • Anonymous

too big :(

nomoda, 23 Feb 2012pls produce white version. this phone is awesome!I think that this is half black and half white.

  • Inder

Well Quad-core CPU is nice, but is ICS optimised to use full potential of the processor, as when Optimus 2x was released with froyo I guess it couldn't use the true potential of its processor as froyo was not optimised for dual core. And I guess after DROID RAZR MAXX anything less than 3300 mah battery looks small. Android is power hungry software and with 3G, 4G LTE anything less than 3300 mah is not good.