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  • AnonD-77553

AnonD-77553, 08 Feb 2018For those who want a Hands-on Experience between using the ... more- Correction it doesn't enable until 50% or below
- The Dredded Alt + Backspace = Clear Line > Isn't in every app

  • AnonD-77553

For those who want a Hands-on Experience between using the Samsung Galaxy S Relay for 1 Year vs LG Optimus F3Q for 1 week, read below

LG F3Q: Goods
1. Keyboard doesn't have the dreaded Alt + Backspace = Delete Line
2. Unlike the Text, Email & Mic Key we get Memo, Search, Home, Menu & Back Key
3. Plug into any Computer and LG Phone will work or give Drivers so it can work
4. Why using the FN + Space = SYM, you can type and insert symbols before pasting
5. Copy, Cut, Paste & Select All built-in into the Keyboard
6. Word Prediction Bar for Hard Keyboard (Something I wish the Samsung S Relay had)
7. Has 2 FN Keys
8. Notify Toggles are Optional

LG F3Q: Cons
1. The Power Save Mode: Doesn't slow down CPU, only turns off/lower Toggles (Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness, Backlight) and only enabled above 50% (apart from the annoying Notify that can't be disabled in settings)
2. That 1.27GB is so bad that they didn't bother to include Force Apps to SDCard or Built-in Partition for End-Users, but there are too many Features for Customizers (Middle Volume = LG Quick Memo, 2 Settings View - Tab & List, 2 LG Themes + Icons for Each Theme, Plenty of Ringtones & usual Bloatware or Obsoleteware) that should have been downloadable
3. Redundant Symbols in FN + Space = SYM, are also on Hard Keyboard, Unable to edit the Symbol Map...Soft Keyboard doesn't need Symbol Map
4. Don't know how to delete or add pages (Stuck with 5)

  • AnonD-77553

Compared to the 2012 Samsung Galaxy Relay S (SGH-T699)...the LG Optimus F3Q is built like it was meant to come out in 2009?

No OpenGLES 3 support
LG Optimus F3Q is only good for the Adreno 305 GPU which on a Samsung S3 Mini LTE (SM-G730w) allows people to Play GTA San Andreas, but cause the OS (4.1.2, JB) doesn't have OpenGLES 3 Support...you can't Play OpenGLES 3 games and that makes the GPU no different than a Adreno 200series.

- The Internal Storage wouldn't matter if they force install Apps to Card Storage by Default (Just like Old 1.x-2.x Phones that require Cards to install and use Apps)

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They should have made an LG G2Q Mini or LG G3Q instead of a LG Optimus F3Q.

LG basically slapped a LG Optimus F3 with a Keyboard, the Budget went straight to the Software/Features...Samsung put less Software on Relay, but this isn't notice-able because at least the Software/Features running good.

  • AdamBoy64

AnonD-234819, 18 Feb 2014I found a site which will sell this worldwide: http://www.c... moreHey, this is a really helpful comment. You're a legend.

  • AnonD-498334

AnonD-234819, 18 Feb 2014I found a site which will sell this worldwide: http://www.c... moreThanks for this great news!
I spent lot of time to find this information where to buy this phone.
Thanks a milion!!!:-)


It's exactly the same as LG enact inside (I opened the two) but working on GSM networks so it's much more usefull around the world.

You can have no memory wickness with Apps2SD (or similar but this one is from XDA devs) and a 32Go SD Card.

Perfect for writting or editing documents in trains, subways or bus but still lack the '|' (pipe) touch for conditions in if statements for example (just remap to use fn + search as tab and fn + b as pipe).

Beware, there is no custom rom for this phone, but works perfectly rooted (saferoot works but i recommend using KingRoot v4.5 (use APK Installer to install it cause other versions have ads)).

  • AnonD-481303

I have mixed opinions of this phone. I love the phone, and the keyboard feature. However, I hate the fact that it has so little memory. If I had realized it had so little memory, I would not have gotten the phone, as I like to use many apps. (What is the use of having a smartphone if you can't use it for multiple apps?) Of course, I should have been on the lookout for this downfall, as my last phone with a keyboard, also had low memory.

Basically, if you just use your phone for phone calls and texting, and very few apps, then this phone is great. But if you want to load your smartphone with apps, and have a minicomputer at your disposal, this is not the phone for you.

  • Gerg

I have just received the phone (bought an unlocked one from eBay).
To my surprise it DOES connect to LTE in Belgium.
But it does not to 3G, so it is either 2G or LTE, at least with my provider (Telenet/Mobistar). Which is strange. LTE does not seems to be very stable though.

Otherwise the phone is quick to respond.
Probably one cannot get a lot of apps installed due to the limited memory, but it has all the Google ones preinstalled. And I managed to put everything I need on it without any issue (no games).

The screen size and resolution is good in general (it is not a top end phone for 100 USD). But because of the sliding keyboard it is a bit thick and heavy.

  • DuckDaffy

Have HTC Desire Z for 4 years and looking for more powerful model, but nothing exist in middle end class or in high end class. :(

  • Anonymous

magikstar29, 01 Apr 2014i want it in france !!!buy it from WElectronics...click on where it says CHECK PRICE on left column here

  • AnonD-270581


I am really interested in this phone, even though I have to import it. If it fits my case (just fits my current HTC Doubleshot), then there's very little stopping me. ;^)

I do have a question though about the internal storage. Elsewhere I looked, it says 4GB, (with 1.1GB accessible for userdata). Even this site says 4GB. But you mention you are wrestling with 1GB (implied as total)?

Just curious, as this may be a dealbreaker for me. I don't use a lot of apps, but I don't want to get something that is more of a downgrade than an upgrade.


  • magikstar29

i want it in france !!!

  • AnonD-240732

AnonD-240732, 04 Mar 2014when does the lf optimus f3q come to argentina? when does that phone come to argentina?!

  • TheIncredibleD

I've had my F3Q for 3 weeks now and though there is nothing fancy about it, I'd be very satisfied wwith the phone if it weren't for the 1GB of internal storage. My Galaxy S Relay had 4GB which was fine as I don't have a ton of apps, but I use enough that 1GB was gone right away and I'm actually pretty upset about it. I was so excited about a new QWERTY phone that I didn't check the storage specs. Honestly I just didn't think about it, probably figured that in this day and age that of course the phone would have at least 2GB if not 4GB.

  • aaj

Meep, 14 Feb 2014it would be cool if lg launch it as an international device... moreyou are rigt

  • AnonD-240732

when does the lf optimus f3q come to argentina?

  • AnonD-234819

I found a site which will sell this worldwide: http://www.canadagsm.ca/products-LG-Optimus-F3Q-Penta-Band-LTE

2Q and 3Q will work in Europe, 4Q not. But then who needs it.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Relay with pretty much the same specs than this one. On that one it was fairly easy to map some Nordic characters to the keyboard (with a customer ROM from the xda site).

This one does not yet have an xda forum and no root/custom ROM. Hopefully they do come as the phone gets some recognition.

This is what a phone is supposed to be like. Apple screwed us all when the introduced the on-screen keyboard with the mephone.

  • Anonymous

4gb rom?
not 8gb?

  • Meep

it would be cool if lg launch it as an international device (or maybe a high-end version with 5"full-hd screen,2gb ram and snapy 800)

  • MrsMcclaflin

AnonD-232048, 09 Feb 2014I went into the store and looked at this phone. I used to ... moreCome to T-Mobile then!!!