LG Optimus G E975

LG Optimus G E975

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  • Veen

It wont be a killer.. LG doesn't accept by large users. Only Samsung meet expectations. That's why Apple drag Samsung to court. LG in the line.

  • iSJ5

LG is not much popular here in russia!

  • shas1411

Killer specs..... it is a SGS3 killer

  • iHATER

though i love samsung's galaxy series n own a galaxy note but if samsung doesnt came up wid exynos 5 chip in upcoming phone then thz is goin to be my next phone... great work by LG n qualcomm... thz z exactly what i want... a high tally of cpu n gpu... congrats to LG...

  • AnonD-66852

Look like an o4x hd, but
Who care?
Lg take my money ASAP

AnonD-57901, 25 Aug 2012First! samsung galaxy s3 killer is here! I agree with you, in turn I am a Samsung fan. LG is working hard these days.

I like the specs of this phone. This is the real competitor to the S3. I hope they will release it worldwide and there is a non LTE version of it as well.
Anyway I hope it has a good battery life.

  • AnonD-57901

samsung galaxy s3 killer is here!

  • Anonymous