LG Optimus G E975

LG Optimus G E975

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  • islamahmed94

is that a new laptop !!!!!!!!!!

  • Jellal

this Optimus G is Optimus LTE2 global version with upgrade hardware like speedier chipset from dualcore to quadcore and yes both the Krait one, from 8MP up to 13MP and launch with ICS planned to JB, with its humongous 2gigs of RAM it can be upgrade to several update software with no worry of not getting it

  • joe

Samsung SIII killer
this will destroy samsung twice hehe

  • Veen

It wont be a killer.. LG doesn't accept by large users. Only Samsung meet expectations. That's why Apple drag Samsung to court. LG in the line.

  • iSJ5

LG is not much popular here in russia!

  • shas1411

Killer specs..... it is a SGS3 killer

  • iHATER

though i love samsung's galaxy series n own a galaxy note but if samsung doesnt came up wid exynos 5 chip in upcoming phone then thz is goin to be my next phone... great work by LG n qualcomm... thz z exactly what i want... a high tally of cpu n gpu... congrats to LG...

  • AnonD-66852

Look like an o4x hd, but
Who care?
Lg take my money ASAP

AnonD-57901, 25 Aug 2012First! samsung galaxy s3 killer is here! I agree with you, in turn I am a Samsung fan. LG is working hard these days.

I like the specs of this phone. This is the real competitor to the S3. I hope they will release it worldwide and there is a non LTE version of it as well.
Anyway I hope it has a good battery life.

  • AnonD-57901

samsung galaxy s3 killer is here!

  • Anonymous