LG Optimus G Pro E985

LG Optimus G Pro E985

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-514578, 14 Mar 2016ys brother my problem is lg f240 is to touch problem but no... moreI need its LCD only

  • Anonymous

i need lg gpro f240 display

  • Anonymous

i need lg gpro f240 display

  • Thomas mwansa

I can't sign on google or add an account why

I had LG Optimus G Pro F240. Very nice smartphone.

  • Khan

i have LG G Pro with breaking screen. Anyone have dead mobile with screen ok. Please tell me.

  • Anonymous

I have been using it since August 2013. battery is still original. the only bad feature is that the camera is bad.

  • Anonymous

I have been using it since August 2013. battery is still original. the only bad feature is that the camera is bad.

  • Leo

I own this phone for 5.5 years now.
Still brilliant screen, actual specs - the phone is capable to run almost all the apps.
Still factory battery.
In fact this phone is almost the one combining very unique and coll characteristics -
Qi Wireless charging, 3.5 Headphones Jack, HiFi Dolby Audio, IPS screen with no PWM flickering, Physical keys (Home button is the coolest ever - illuminated with all possible colours). Yeah and G Pro also has AptX high quality sound transmission over Bluetooth (same as apple air audio).

The only comparable descendant is LG G7 Thinq(+) but unfortunately G7 has flickering if backlight is under 50% brightness.

Also the device is so easy-to-repair. I changed almost 8 touch screens myself, instead of changing phones.

Yeah, we do live in times when high quality sound through Jack 3.5 is exotic.
My very simple and effective use case - I sit in the car, plug in the phone into Qi Wireless charging dock, plug in 3.5 audio or connect Bluetooth - as simple as that.
G Pro is just cool, big thumbs up for the phone.

  • John

I have had this phone for 6 fulll years now and I has been fantastic. Not a single complaint. The only problem is most apps will no longer run on the outdated OS.

  • unix

One of the best phones you could buy.

One of the last phones with removable battery. Remove the OEM battery and install a ZeroLemon 8500 mAh extended battery, you will get extended runtime. It also makes the phone thicker and easier to hold.

5.5" screen with Full HD resolution, very nice and colorful.

The USB port is cheaply made and wears out. I had to have mine replaced at least once.

A very nice set even today

  • Sky Adrv

its a good phone

  • danielprieto

It's crazy that my phone has already 5 years old. The USB port was fixed and the digitizer is broken, but it works! Definitely a phone ahead of its time, many recent phones in the range of $100 doesn't have IR blaster, 5.5 inch display nor 32GB of internal space. My phone is running a custom rom: SEUX ReMod By HenRy Pham (1/5/2016), which is Android 5.0.2 and the UI looks like the one on the LG G4. I hope it works for many more years, I don't want to change it for something with less functions or less memory.

  • abkt

Hi,my G Pro screen flickering and the bottom screen also appears at the top of the phone.Any one knows the problem and how to fix it.Thanks

Anyone knows does f240 variant have sd600 or sd s4 pro

Amit, 02 Apr 2017I hv got lg f240l... Can't install 4g sim.. Is that phone d... moreCan you please tell me what proccessor does f240l have s4pro or sd600

  • A x l a n

I recently sold this phone after more than 1.5 years. I bought it second hand. It is the best phone one could get in cheap price. The only problem it had was that volume buttons werent functioning properly and cant get 4g lte to work. Other than that, everything was just perfect. Battery was average. Camera was good considering it a 2013 phone. I would recommend it to all who want to buy a cheap phone full of latest features. Hoping to buy lg v20 next.

  • muhrash

it is strong phone u can install many app at least more than 500 on E980

  • arjun

AnonD-698279, 07 Sep 2017me too, I've the same problemIn dial pad dial 3845#*985#... there open a hidden menu.... at there... lte only then modem setting then rat then lte only.