LG Optimus L5 E610

LG Optimus L5 E610

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  • k

OM, 25 Nov 2012how to shift apps from internal to sd card,app 2 sd is not movin... moreyou can use datacable and pc.

  • Olie

Did anyone knows if L5 get Android 4.1? I want to buy itq but only if it'll receive official 4.1.

  • OM

how to shift apps from internal to sd card,app 2 sd is not moving the app,please reply

  • madhulina

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2012does it support hd videos?????yes it supports just install ms player and play hd video. 1080p may cause problem but 720p will ply smoothly.

  • seemma

cn someone please tel em its batry life?? as m goin to buy dis phone

  • Posthc

you must use a headphone or a link cable on the sphone to get fm radio + you cant put more than 32gb 64gb work as well

  • AnonD-79868

Anonymous, 20 Nov 2012does it support hd videos?????no

  • Lgl5

I love the phone a lot specially its shape its a great phone if someone is confused that is gud ornot then no need to be cuz its awesome

  • ayush

best phone as per price....

  • Harsh

My camera is giving me straigh line on screen while clicking the pics plz help me if any suggesion for optimus l5.

  • Anonymous

please tell procedure for jelyybean update in india............

thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

does it support hd videos?????

  • rocky s

could anybody pllzzz suggest the best call recorder for lg optimus l5.?i have tried many apps but they were useless.

  • gambitkk

do you prefer lg optimus l5 or motorola atrix or samsung galaxy w..and why do you suggest?pls immediately comment

  • AnonD-78710

is its better option to buy ths phn..????

  • Redskitter

i have this phone last october, and so far there's no problem with me, if you want ur phone to be faster install set cpu and you will get faster cpu with no lags at all even u play any games.

  • Anonymous

How do we create profile like meeting,outdoow,office and etc

  • Anonymous

i have this phone since october and so far so good for me, remember it have 800 mhz processor so limit ur applications download so that u cannot experiece lag.i rooted it and i install set cpu and my phone have blazing speed now.

  • Kerem

I have been using E612 for 2 days. I am quite satisfied. I'll try to share my experience later.

  • L VI Kingpin

I am loving my phone although it fell the other day which made me sad. The only issue i have is the lagging. does anyone know about "rooting"? how does this better performance