LG Optimus L7 II P710

LG Optimus L7 II P710

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  • jb

i am not able 2 do any download amd am ask 2 download the LG optimus which i don't know how 2 download it nd pls want 2 upgrade my LGp700


I bought this phone around late 2013 and i must say i was so happy to have such a beautiful phone, the screen, size and the apps were very interesting until after a few months i was bored to my core due to the slowness of it because i had all my favourite Apps and some of them would not want to open or work due to the storage problem even if the is an SD CARD inserted. i would not recommend this phone unless its for your child who is less than 10 years of age. But the phone does look beautiful, right now i still have it, it has cracks, scratches all over and it does not switch on. basically IT DOES NOT HAVE MAN POWER!!!!!!

  • SPeed_FANat1c

AnonD-565238, 27 Jul 2016I had this phone. Its not really a top phone. it lagged alo... moreSame here, you throw your money away. Simple browsing is lagging. Maybe because I have installed many apps which consume memory. Maybe for people who do not install anything would not lag.

  • Blaze13

Hello everyone, I just rooted my lg p713 running kitkat version using simple method using iroot app (without kdz,flash etc ).. U must install iroot app on both pc and android mobile.. So it could work for you.. Note:i tried using only apk file (without pc ) it didnt work.. So u must have pc to root..i am very happy now,my phone is now successfully rooted :-P ;-) . Thank u..

  • Anonymous

I like the fact that this phone Home button can also act as notification light

  • AnonD-377616

I found this phone on a street,been ran over by a car,i think...
Thinking to restore it,calling it''The Project LG''.

  • AnonD-565238

I had this phone. Its not really a top phone. it lagged alot and had to restart few times.

save a few more $ and buy a better one.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-528632, 21 Apr 2016Can anybody confirm the audio jack ouput is 3.5mm?audio jack is the standard one 3.5

  • AnonD-528632

Can anybody confirm the audio jack ouput is 3.5mm?

  • ELIZABET7868

Well....... i have this phone like 3 years ago and i like it the first 2 years. Its not bad, but there's really cool phones you need to buy before the LG . I will upgrade to Iphone 6s or when 7 comes out!

  • Ace

GPS sensor doesn't work.

  • AnonD-340819

Albert, 13 Oct 2015I want to buy one tomorrow, would you advice me to buy? if you are not a power user, its ok

  • AnonD-340819

TOLe !, 26 Oct 2015Man I'm really disappointed in this phone :( When I upgrad... morei upgraded about 1 year ago to kitkat and downgraded 5 days later. somwhere here in previous pages are the instructions to do it. you have to search.
For me now its the time to replace it.

  • TOLe !

Man I'm really disappointed in this phone :(
When I upgraded it to 4.4.2 I can't root it.
Can you please make a downgrade for the phone ?
The performance is so much laggy and buggy after the upgrade !
If you want to make an update please think of the conscience first !

  • zhrio

I have one big diagonal crack after I dropped it, and it also started cracking on this silver colored plastic right after i bought it. OS is pretty bugged.

  • vango

i don't use a cover. have dropped it numerous times and also placed it in pocket with keys. no scratches or cracks on glass, but sides of phones have crack lines. phone quality is also faulty...sometimes the person on the other line can't hear any audio output from you at all (my friend with the same phone also experienced this problem.)

  • time to upgrade

This phone is a trooper. I have had a rubber cover on it for the past two years and dropped it hundreds of times without cracking the screen. By comparison to the upgrade (P8 lite) I'm getting for the same price as this used to be, this is really outdated and underspecced. Processor wont handle big apps easily and gralhics intensive games will cause it to struggle. Battery lasts till the mid afternoon with moderate usage. Phone does overheat and automaticcaly reduces brightness, only when charging on a hot day. 8Mp back camera is really good, video and front camera are poor. Internal memory isnt great, chrome and operating system takes up half the space, gets filled really quickly if you dont clear the cache of apps like instagram. Phone fits comfortably in my hand, not too large like a 5 inch phone. No real problems to report after 2 years of abuse.

  • iCE

Albert, 13 Oct 2015I want to buy one tomorrow, would you advice me to buy? Yes, is a decent smartphone.

  • Albert

TOLe !, 01 Oct 2015guys do not ubgrade to 4.4.2 you can not even root it ! I want to buy one tomorrow, would you advice me to buy?

  • iCE

Yeeees ... much better now, now longer miss JB! :)

Update is available in RO.