LG Optimus L7 II P710

LG Optimus L7 II P710

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  • iCE

Good news guys ... i have recived update to V20c ... LG clame to improve speed, updating now ... \:D/

  • TOLe !

guys do not ubgrade to 4.4.2
you can not even root it !

  • Jhan gaviola

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2015It is very, very simple: DO NOT upgrade to KitKat. JellyBea... moreYes thats right. Because they add a lot of features to kitkat. Damn. Simple userinterface is much better. Simple features much better. Hays. Lets shout for 4.4.4 if they can speed up the ui. Haha.

  • Zsolt

DO NOT Update KITKAT!!! Mr. LG why do you kill my phone?

  • Anonymous

Guys it have diffrent processor not snapdragon s4 play it have snapdragon 200 try to check using cpuz

  • Anonymous

It is very, very simple: DO NOT upgrade to KitKat. JellyBean 4.1.2. is smooth and stable. On the other hand, KitKat won't give you better performance (that's for sure), and there are only few design changes (Lollipop for example has many changes). KitKat makes phone slow (sometimes extremely slow, sometimes a little bit), but you can definitely see the difference between JB and KK.

  • john

roy, 20 Aug 2015Had this phone only 18 months and it is now bricked. Androi... moreWho are you talking to?

  • Anonymous

Don't update to kitkat!! It will cause huge lag and not smooth ui becuse gpu drivers for adreno 203 doesn't exsist newest version you can have that is smooth cm10.2 android 4.3

  • danb

Updated to V20C (TLF version). Had to manually uninstall a dozen of auto-installed telefonica crapware (which self-installs at first boot). Phone is still unusably slow, it takes ages to update an app, it takes 5-10 seconds for starting apps. Seems nowadays you need a decent quad core with 2gb of ram, to be able to actually use the damn thing, if you dare to use facebook whatsapp and alike.

  • roy

Had this phone only 18 months and it is now bricked. Android processor no longer working, always turning off. Took it to LG service centre. They could not fix. They also said other LG phones had same problem. We throw it away and buy a new one but of course not LG.

  • Anonymous

No more update for this phone to 4.4.4.? It has a lot of bugs damn. Pls update this to 4.4.4 it was good before. Now my battery drains so fast. Plss.

  • pram

good economical phone amoung lowend phones..very good for normal day today usage..not good for newly gaming & video recording

  • Avinash

This phone is very bad. back camera is good but front very bakwas vga, Not good for video recording, low ram only 768 mb, internal memory to short, and not a comfort phone, allover it is old model phone,

  • Anonymous

very nice phone

  • Anonymous

HyperMan, 15 Jun 2015This phone is very stupid, it lags a lot, very small intern... moreI used it for over 7 months now. The only problems I had were the lack of internal storage (only 1.78/4GB available actually) which got really upused during the last two months and the keyboard which, at times, hung up for 4-5 minutes or longer.
All in all it was a good, reliable phone. Of course it's no high-end smartphone and the specs are not up to date anymore, but you get much for your money. Also the display is okay, even if it's no (AM-)OLED, HD-, IPS- or Gorilla Glas- display. A simple LCD with a resolution of 480x320. But it looks good for that.

  • Anonymous

the specs are sometimes misleading. i have the older version of this phone and it only has 2 gb storage room.

  • kp


  • HyperMan

This phone is very stupid, it lags a lot, very small internal memory, very less RAM, camera stupid and everything is bad at this phone. I did a lot of factory resets but it still lags.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone with kitkat 4.4.2 and I used this to root it http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-l3-l5-l7-l9-ii/development/kk-kk-kdz-p710-root-t2950532
This is kit Kat rom(same what you have now)v20A and it also got bootloader and twrp recovery. You need to flash it and then flash superuser with twrp. I did this and it works.

  • xine

I own this phone over 1,5 years, everything is good, rarely lag, rear camera is good, but front is bad (VGA). I like the colorful LED notif. Especially when I turn it on.
The bad thing is very limited memory internal and ram. you can't download too many applications. Because application surely need update.
But this phone is pretty good for this price. I still can't find yet a new phone to replace this lovely one.