LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • guru.4878

this is my dream phone.....is this good phone to buy??

  • janrey

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2013My LG -P705 running on Jellybean 4.1 does not have much lags pro... moreHow to update it to jellybean?
Please help..

  • AnonD-167190

is this mobile support yahoo or skype video call (front cam )

  • Anonymous

This phone is so slow. It had a good run for a few months until everything fell apart. Apps would constantly crash and you'd have to wait before you're call is even made. In short you'd have to call the person a at least twenty seconds before than you originally intended to. Whenever you text you also have to wait before it starts typing. It's very laggy and I regret buying it.

  • Student

Its strange. before update phone last 6-7 days (no music, no camera, no internet, just calls and sms) after update it lasts about 3 days.. disapointed

  • omarams

aaaaaaa, 15 Jul 2013My sincere suggestion dear friend nokia 1100 is the best phone ... moreu are right! Also no google no facebook and whatsApp

  • Anonymous

nice phone

  • johnny301092

AnonD-142004, 18 Jul 2013Can it play 720p videos in mx player?Yup, and 1080p, but with noticeable lags.

  • AnonD-142004

Can it play 720p videos in mx player?

  • lasso

I downloaded a game on my phone called fun run a multiplayer racing game online. Idk if its the phones fault or the wifi but my phone slows down soo much when i play the game and its really annoying. I would be in first place than all of a sudden i end up being last place...what is this?! i personnally think lg optimus l7 is just slow and its affecting my the way i play any suggestions?

  • reza(iran)

after upgrading to jb a lot feature added to my phone apps(camera,messaging,phone,contact and etc.) and no any bug and shutdown.but ram of my phone is very low and foece me to uninstall a lot of apps.

  • khmdf

Hi friends!
i am using this mobile for last week it's good in looking and performance wise.
Temple Run and Sub way surf games are working.
Skype and Yahoo Video calling is good.
There is one problem with battery not longstanding.

  • aaaaaaa

Janice, 02 Jul 2013Should I buy this phone? I've heard it is slow but is it super ... moreMy sincere suggestion dear friend nokia 1100 is the best phone with superb keypad and great torch light with huge battery life and i m using it from past ten years without any technical problem till date. use mobiles only for calls.It may not be the smart phone but it is the smartest phone which is used only to make calls and sms. mind blowing phone cheers.

  • Paul

I have LG Optimus L7 P700 . Good in Performance . I also have good battery . But I'm experiencing several Restarts whenever I'm using it . I don't know why can anyone help me .

  • johnny301092

Corg, 15 Jul 2013To all users complaining about lags, etc. - root, unlock and ins... moreWell, in average, battery lasts about 2 days anyway and many users (me too) do not use FM radio. It is perfect than!

  • Corg

To all users complaining about lags, etc. - root, unlock and install SlimBean v3 ROM! (google 'SlimBean LG L7' in XDA site)
This ROM is about 3 times faster than stock!
Drawbacks? FM Radio is not working and battery last for 2 days the most, but the performance is just amazing and that is what matters!

  • Tamspeed

Update to the latest jelly bean..
Install facebook whatsap line kakaotalk flip path linejelly twitter agoda update all google apps and others social app... its soo slow and very laggy... make me frustated .not for me indeed. Dont ask about game apps... sheesh

  • Anonymous

AnonD-162471, 06 Jul 2013This phone is complete garbage with factory software. The qualit... moreMy LG -P705 running on Jellybean 4.1 does not have much lags problem. Perhaps you still did not update your OS to jellybean 4.1.2, that is why you still encounter so much lag.

  • johnny301092

sock, 08 Jul 2013Dude, stop lying without using the phone. I'm using those applic... moreI agree.

  • sock

Mani, 16 Jun 2013There is no problem with phone in terms of specifications and us... moreDude, stop lying without using the phone. I'm using those applications on my phone already.