LG Optimus L7 P700

LG Optimus L7 P700

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  • k

Steff, 18 Aug 2012Hey guys! I am considering to take smartphone and i decide to ta... moreVery true,you write reasonable stuff.At this price its a good phone.

  • k

ibebadenglis, 18 Aug 2012yayayaayayayyayayayayyayayayay on a more serious note, the re... moreSwitch from p500 to L7 and replace 32 with say 8 gb and your problem will be solved.

  • ibebadenglis

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2012i have lg optimus p500 and i hate the lagging and it restart by... moreyayayaayayayyayayayayyayayayay

on a more serious note, the rest of the world has no issues. you are alone.

how does it feel?

  • ibebadenglis

suraj, 07 Aug 2012this ph is not even 720 recording ? no its only 1080p recording.

  • ibebadenglis

jesi, 07 Aug 2012hey today its running fine again.yesterday i face problem that m... morei believe sir, you dont make sense. i think someone needs to restart you, if possible, else consign thy greatness to the trash heap. have a good day, milord.


  • ibebadenglis

Moi, 07 Aug 2012does the secondary camera can be used for taking photos?no is being only for looocking like mirror and nothing more ayaayaayaa

  • ibebadenglis

AnonD-65946, 07 Aug 2012This is a nice phone.. What i love in this phone is its LOOKS.. ... moremicromax a100 india phone cheap cheap 10000 only! and has 5 inch display! is cheap, ya?

  • woof

AnonD-66088, 08 Aug 2012Does anybody try running games through emulator like gameboid or... moreare you not satisfied with already games with android yayayaya???

  • woof

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2012it has memory leak problem like all lg phones I don't know why t... moreyaya its very leaky. use m-seal or fevicol.

  • stobs

Pradityo A.D, 14 Aug 2012this phone emit large amount of radiation yessss and other phonnness??? hehehehehe

  • dreamkiller

MEHRAJ, 17 Aug 2012100% waste of money...i bought it around 18000 rupees , when i f... morebuy a nokia phone and you'll worship this one.

  • Steff

Hey guys! I am considering to take smartphone and i decide to take this one..its good price 250e and nice features..it look like expencive fone with that 4.3 screen its better than smaller.1ghz single core procesor is more than fine i dont need more quad core etc.5mpix no hd recording cam is also good i dont use cams on fone its rare.i have camera at home..it have latest android 4.0.its awesome just to bad it cant play 720p video...but i dont need that too i am not planing to watch movies on it in that resolution on that small screen..and u can watch over youtube whateveru like...it is good to buy it for 250e u get more than u lose.trust me..if i has 500e to buy some fone il definetly buy samsung g s 3 everyone knows its the curently the best fone but even if i has that money il never give that much for pone..lg optimus l7 is good enough for everyone

  • vika

i got the mobile..plz do tell me if its worth? i jst love them

  • Kaye

I can say that this is my first LG phone and Im not disappointed.. im always after the font,and i can say that of all the mobile phones i used,this has the best font..interface is also better than others..not boring and fast connection. Youtube plays well..
Design is superb..slim,light,yet you get to enjoy big screen..it feels good in your hand.. all in all, i love it!!!

  • ninjask

Just got this phone yesterday and its good! The only disadvantage so far is that the phone is a bit laggy. But other than that, its really good. Kudos to LG!

  • AnonD-65589

Is it has Dual or Single core processor ??

  • lera

Is it has Single core or Dual core processor ????

  • Phoevz

sony, 17 Aug 2012I'm confused , in there the type of the screen is IPS LCD and I'... moreIf IPS is can be done with HD TV'S most probably it also can be done with PHONES ryt?

  • Anonymous

1 GHz Cortex-A5--- Is it Dual core or Single core???


100% waste of money...i bought it around 18000 rupees , when i first saw it i was very happy having it in my hands...but when i used for a day i notice that it heats up and one big issue if u took it in sunlight u can see nothing on screen .......now i am thinking how to get rid of this phone