LG Optimus L9 P760

LG Optimus L9 P760

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  • Anonymous

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

  • samuroxx

i had dis fone 2 days back , its juss awsome , it supports hd games like asphalt7 , gta3 , its video playback on large ips 4.7" display is very crisp. its design is d best piece of art, it looks very nice in hands.

  • Mimi

Is this phone good...?? I'm thinking of buying this.phone. Can u tell me about the performance, camera, sound and net surfing of this handset..

  • Arun Sharma

Anonymous, 30 Jan 2013Why do LG claim that it has got 1GB of RAM even it has 768 ... moreSame Here I have bought LG Optimus l9 3days bifore n m not setisfied ..:/

  • Shpeedy

With the help of GPS Test App, I (happilly) found out that P760 also supports GLONASS, which is not specified in any documentation... :-)))

@GSMArena: you should add this to the specs...

  • Being AdiL

I have bought dis phone 2 dyz bck after millions of thought and decisions....n yeah i came to the conclusion dat i hav made a wise buy at dis price... LG has portrayed its look quite beautifully n handy... Its a great phone with good smartphone features... I em fully satisfied wid d product....!

  • buddy

i do like the look and feel to this phone however the inability to save apps to the external sd card is a HUGE flaw!!! i bought a $30 32 gig sd card and it might as well be a fingernail cleaner now... i installed Dogcatcher podcast player app and that app with a few downloaded podcast takes up more than half the phone memory.

i took the phone to TWO different T mobile stores and they had no idea how to save apps on the phone to the sd card. Actually the ONLY was how is to root the phone, void the warranty, a start over. are you kidding me??? yes, this is a defect of the phone! i have had the phone for a month but not want to keep it because of this reason. i am going for the hail mary tomorrow and will try to return it to Costco... yea wish me luck!

bottom line is lg did not see this as a problem or forced this phone to the market with this HUGE OVERSIGHT...it is an good phone for someone who only calls, text, and surfs the net but who gets a smart phone only to do those things? lg, a good company that just released an incomplete product... come on lg, step your game up!

  • Anonymous

this phone can move apps to sd, more info on xda, forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2096138

  • AnonD-111644

Great phone with awsome spec's .. great screen with true HD and great powerfull hardware with games and apps .. this best phone i used ever .. and thank you LG for good news about JB we are watting here dont be late :)

  • Anonymous

Can we move applications to external sd card in this phone? That's actually a concern these days, most of the phones don't have the option of moving the applications to external sd only the phone memory or the internal memory is used and the so called "Apps to SD" in playstore don't help at all.I wonder what's the use of a card slot when you can't save your applications on that.

  • audrey

The phone is horrible to me.The speaker sounds like a robot, the camera isnt that good, the phone istself can use some improvement.My htc vivid was much better and had more quality and i only had this phone for a couple of hoyrs and ready to take it back.

  • AnonD-87792

Got this phone a few weeks ago but am loving it no matter what I throw at it it barly lags 5 stars yew yew

  • sarah

I bought this phone few days ago,overal its a pretty decen phone but im very disapoinet with battery...it only last for a day..

  • prOsen

AnonD-6913, 10 Feb 2013Should i go for this fone ! as this is LG! once again LG! ... moreAwesome Phone, I m giving 5 STARS...

  • Boris

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2013There is an app called app2sd in android. If you can instal... moreThank you. FYI, LG will be getting JB upgrade in first half of 2013.

  • AnonD-6913

Should i go for this fone ! as this is LG! once again LG!
i want dual core under 20k!

  • dikie

Reek, 08 Feb 2013Should I go for LG L9 or Nokia Lumia 620 or Samsung Galaxy ... moreif u want a phone n smple n easy to carry u take L9.if u are house wife or always at home just take the Tablet

  • dikie

ya yes rite smsung htc lumia or what else is better in spec n you are a winner rite now but after a year you are a loser cos of new arival with modern n dynamic specs will put down ur old year phone..i thought u all wanted a new gadjet every year n is im rite?? oh my old phone b4 is top 3 n now it out of top 10 so sad

  • rahul

AnonD-101918, 07 Feb 2013does it have corning gorilla glass?? please reply..no

  • AnonD-111185

of course the battery life is longer because you can only have one app installed at a time!!! i am in shock that this new 4g phone is worse then my 3 years old epic i had. i even wasted my money and bought a bigger sd card since surprisingly they didnt include one w phone i wonder why lol aholes scammers they knew 99%of people would of sent this pos back as it gas no memory. i wrote lg no response i never imagined it would b this bad im paying a ton of money for a plan where i cant even enjoy anything w this phone its like a beginner phone from years ago cant believe no lawsuits misleading and ridiculous tmobile better let me outta my contract