LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • aalok

ya its really a good phone...still i am using it since 20101

  • AnonD-577883

vigneshtnj, 29 Aug 2016this phone still works great for 5+ years, no degradation in bat... moreedit: *peace of mind ( != piece)

  • vigneshtnj

this phone still works great for 5+ years, no degradation in battery,same cam quality ....
this is shows the quality of branded products. i used this phone for 4years and give to my sister she still using it, i bought xiaomi redmi1s,lava ,xiaomi mi4(last phone high spec phone)....these chinese phone did't give me piece of mind, no perfection like lg p500...heating,trouble gps etc....so again i moving to lg x screen, im posting this comment after receiving the lg x screen.....love lg (note: i cooked a 4.0.4 rom for this phone lg otimus one, name: "THE ULTIMATE")

  • JGabriel

Good smartphone. Really good. I Still using it for a personal reason (With Android 2.2), and it still working in the most of web sites Very simple and easy to use. Acceptable speed. Battery works 100%. Obviously that have troubles of compatibility with many aplications, but it's normal, this phone is about six years old!. Whatever, Whatsapp is still working very well. I knew that in December, 2016, Whatsapp will stop working on this phone, but only if you have 2.2, so if you updated to 2.3, you'll don't have any problem.


AnonD-523305, 06 Apr 2016This is my 1st smartphone back in the days of Secondary school a... moreIm like you, this was my first android phone, Now I have an HTC one, but I saw one of this on ebay very cheap unlocked so I just won the auction because I really love this phone, same as you :D I realle regret I sold my phone pased years, It was new pearl white :S

  • AnonD-523305

This is my 1st smartphone back in the days of Secondary school and it fostered my love for Android devices ever since.

It is now April 2016 and I've moved forward to a Galaxy S5, but I still retain this for backup purposes today. Sure Android 2.3, a measly 170MB storage & 600Mhz leaves a lot to be desired, but the Optimus one is still running strong, battery holds charge, wi-fi & bluetooth still works and the thing is still solid as a brick despite never seeing a screen protector or phone case during the 2 years I've used it.

If you aren't tech savvy or just want a simple to use yet dependable android phone, pick up one today for the price of a dinner outing. You will not be disappointed.

P.S. Do note that due to lack of storage space you won't be able to use many modern apps or update existing ones.


This one was my first Android device.

  • Anonymous

Low internal memory as Google play store and others eat it.

  • Glochem

Phone been use for almost 4 years, still in good condition, but the problem is internal memory is very low, always need to delete apps only can update the software, is there any way can upgrade ?

  • Anonymous

z1, 20 Sep 2015I cannot download anything from Google play as I keep getting Go... moreinstall this rom http://forum.xda-developers.com/optimus-one/one-­development/rom-cyanogenmod-11-0-lg-optimus-one-­t2828536

  • AnonD-510626

only issue with this phone is the arm v6 vfd

  • AnonD-506666

This phone served me well for almost 5 years... And then motherboard died after accidental drop in sea water (I got hit by some dude and me and phone went direct in water :/ ). Last ROM I was using on it was Jelly Bean one (KK frozen and it was unoptimized for ARMv6 CPU)...

  • Anonymous

best phone since 2011 and still working with android 4.4.4 by hardlight xda developer you can add a 32gb sd card and gain 20gb of internal storage

  • Monkey on a Bike

Best phone ever,tough as nails

  • lol

Harshal, 22 Dec 2015Best Phone. Using since 2012.Jesus....

  • Harshal

Best Phone. Using since 2012.

  • GM

As far as my concern this is a old model phone but its internet is working fine in any place in my full AC plant where I am working,but not a single smartphone of reputed brands also not even LG G series in not equal to this phone to even 40% to this phone's performance in internet.Even Youtube plays without buffering

  • z1

I cannot download anything from Google play as I keep getting Google talk authentication failed. Any help.

  • k

AnonD-396605, 14 Sep 2015This is not good phone.With 600MHz Single-Core CPU you can't run... moreMemory is the only drawback.

  • AnonD-396605

This is not good phone.With 600MHz Single-Core CPU you can't run anything.Adreno 200 is not a good graphics render.And memory is too low,only 512MB,and 174MB internal storage,you can't download anything!