LG Optimus One P500

LG Optimus One P500

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2010Please do not put any unfounded comments. This phone comes with ... moreIt is not unfounded! I have actually seen LG's official press release material, and LG Blog site for this phone and there is no accelerometer on this phone, it's on the LG's Optimus Chic instead! See official blog site: http://bit.ly/boKJd4 and download press pack:http://bit.ly/b33EUN

  • Anonymous

Please do not put any unfounded comments. This phone comes with an accelerometer.

  • GL

CHIC have better specs than ONE. I will probably go for CHIC.

  • Dariusdd

It actualy has ambient light sensor, if you look at the photos on gsm arena or other site you will see two little near the earphone. The left side, look at the first photo of the phone.

  • Anonymous

every android phone has accelerometer

  • Iskander

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2010Theres no accelerometer according to LG's press material. The ne... moreEven the Cookie came with accelerometer, being a true budget phone. I wouldn't be surprised if the feature is considered so normal to be in there, that it does not require special attention with the announcement of any phone.

  • Anonymous

Theres no accelerometer according to LG's press material. The next big question is at what price will it sell for in the UK??

  • Alu

I like this, this could work. Especially if its substantially cheaper than HTC Aria.

  • ritzz

HVGA 3.2 screen and that too capacitative, goes beyond the LG GT540 which is cool!

Battery life: wow , 1500 mAH, you got it right LG

Android 2.2: coool!

Camera: 3.2 mp, it's a decent one, at least we get 18 fps on it. But Lg could have done a better job.

LG states: It's a phone for the masses! So what about the price: $200-$250 will be nice! Compared to Huawei ideos price $150-$175.

DivX/Xvid capable: nice

And at last, this phone is cool with its 600 mhz as it won't use up battery juice very fast and all the specs are cool and simple.

Next mass market winner after the Huawei Ideas: the LG Optimus One!!


no video call camera very poor

  • carl

and RAM?

  • Shah

What is the screen size 3 or 3.2 ?

  • satheesh

display resolution improved for all new models on prize voice and battery backp bluetooth version improve 3.1 all models

  • satheesh

please improve touch speed for iphone type

  • jain india

No video call camera very poor thinking........................................­.......

  • Hitesh LG

This set is very nice but secandary cam is also nesesary.

  • Hitesh LG

this set is very nice but secandary cam is also neeasary.

  • Yankee

It has a 3.5 inch display so HVGA resolution seems a bit less. I hope it will have WVGA display.

  • Do

Not bad...

  • Raj

...............Could this be a successor to the GT540?