LG Optimus Sol E730

LG Optimus Sol E730

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  • karthick

tafty, 28 Aug 2015How to take a screenshot on lg-E730 there is no option for screen shot u have to download it in Play store

  • tafty

How to take a screenshot on lg-E730

  • jsmith

mohan, 07 Mar 2014i am using this model past 1.5 years,and working very bad,v... moreIts a good quality will khnow mobail

  • your_nickname

I used this phone for a few years and I wouldn't buy it again though I bought it with the service and got a discount for it.
I mainly wanted a phone, nothing more, and as a phone it is doing its job fair, but...
1. After a while (not sure if software updates are to blame of poor hardware assembly), it started to crash during calls and failed to start, showing an yellow screen and the "Emergency only" message. I had to let the phone rest a few minutes before starting it again in order to boot properly.
2. I wanted to use it as a GPS when I really needed it and it was a nightmare. As it doesn't have GLONASS satellites, it takes forever to get a fix and it looses the fix often.
As a conclusion, don't buy it, unless you want to take the components out of it. probably an lcd and a battery for $20 worth the price.

  • AnonD-347930

Good phone, used it for 3 years.
Very good screen, good response times.
Dropped a few times. Light, good shock absorber.
You can not brick it. Softed many times, all kinds of ROMs.
Upgraded now to LG G2...

  • Mahesh

I used this phone. It's worst phone, don't go for it. Nothing is good in this phone. camera :(. speed :(

  • roshan

its one of the worst phones i hav used ..it lags and stops at many times...just 1 year purchased bt its vry painfull .many times hav to restart the phone cause it hangs alot...imagine ur making a. urgent call and d phone hangs dead...it annoying...sometimes it doesnot detect the sim.
plz if u purchasing it with ur hard earnd money ..sont think if going for it.

  • vips

AnonD-207701, 19 Nov 2013How to screenshot with this phone?Screenshot:
Vol Down + Power
at the same time

  • saver

mohan, 07 Mar 2014i am using this model past 1.5 years,and working very bad,v... moreClear every app cache it will improve speed. Tested!
Also format your SD card it one of the reasons why phone is slow. And the last what you can do is to reset to factory default settings.

  • mohan

i am using this model past 1.5 years,and working very bad,very very dead slow,tell me how to solve my problem,,thank you.....

  • fayaz

after restore , wifi nt supported.. y? pls helpme

  • Rana

This I would consider the worst mobile phone I have ever come across. I have used it for almost 2 years and I am commenting based on that long experience. This mobile sometimes fail to even provide the basic functionalities like saving numbers or searching saved numbers. This is a huge risk when you are in an emergency situation. Another risk is that sometimes photos captured by camera are not auto saved, and sometimes photos saved simply disappear. Simply put, avoid this mobile phone at all cost, and the best decision is to avoid LG altogether when it comes to mobile.

  • rezor

AnonD-135939, 14 Apr 2013I thought that Im the only one facing problems with this ph... moreThe camera looks like a 1.3 megapixels because you are too smart to entert settings and set the maximum resolutio ..i hate people that just want to show their fake intelligence

  • Mini

Hi can I use Samsung headset, travel charger and microsd for this phone or not as need to know only so please reply it.

  • zorro

hi, how can i check how much ram this phone has/or works? thanks!

  • Beta

hmm quite a good phone but it say 512mb ram but my LG sol only like has 375mb total ram stated my phone :( which puzzle me

  • AnonD-207701

How to screenshot with this phone?

  • AnonD-195278

Pappu, 14 Oct 2013Thanks. How will I update my LG OPTIMUS SOL E730? IS IT vi... moreYou can flah ICS official with KDZ....i dont know if can be updated OTA in Italy, im from other country.

  • Pappu

AnonD-195278, 11 Oct 2013Hi! ICS official is available for LGE 730 (LG Optimus Sol).... moreThanks. How will I update my LG OPTIMUS SOL E730?
IS IT via wi-fi?

  • AnonD-195278

Hi! ICS official is available for LGE 730 (LG Optimus Sol). LG Italia has released V20C version, is ICS android 4.0.4 with new kernel. You can flash this rom with KDZ installer. Good luck!