LG Optimus Sol E730

LG Optimus Sol E730

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  • GRV

2gb ram looooololololollollo!!!!

it should be rom, not ram!!

  • Galaxy

What the heck? No LED flash and no HD recording for an "Ultra AMOLED" phone? Pass, LG, pass.

  • kaushal320

When available in india? ( As OPTIMUS NET still not availble!) SOL E730 Aprox. price ? If some one distinguish compare wtih OPTIMUS BLACK !

Pls Help !

  • AnonD-4317

Why did LG put capable Hardware but kept it out of the HD train? Is it that expensive to feature HD video on a phone? And also no LED flash.

  • JayLeonard

2GB RAM? Seriously? Do you mean ROM?

  • AnonD-1551

2 GB RAM (150 MB user-available), 512 MB RAM ???

No Led Flash?? We are in 2003 lol??

  • Andrei

Comparable to the Huawei Ideos X5 (http://www.gsmarena.com/huawei_u8800_ideos_x5-3596.php)
As it's OLED it should be better than a regular LCD but cheaper than super-AMOLED's.