LG patents new phone design with three or four cameras, no notch

Peter, 30 October 2018

LG has filed design patents for a new phone, which sports a quad camera and a traditional fingerprint reader on the back. The design was submitted in three version, each with more rounding on the corners (of the screen and of the phone itself).

LG’s recent V40 was its first with three cameras and this new phone may go up to four. They are arranged in a square a la Huawei. No flash is indicated in the drawings, so it is possible that just like the Mate 20 phones one of the circles is actually the flash and not a camera.

New LG design: Design A New LG design: Design B New LG design: Design C
New LG design: Design A • Design B • Design C

The company is keeping things old-school – not just the fingerprint on the back, but also the design of the front. There’s no notch and no clever ways (sliders, pop-ups, etc.) of hiding the selfie camera. The phone just has enough room for the camera, earpiece and other components. This design is so old-school, it even has a 3.5mm headphone jack!

Both of LG’s flagship series – G and V – now have notches, so this represents a step back towards older designs. And we really don’t mind.

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Reader comments

  • Abdullah
  • 05 Nov 2018
  • 6Qd

Very Excited to with LG next year ,,, all I wanted them to do is remove the notch .

  • DadBodV1
  • 02 Nov 2018
  • KgW

3.5mm jack is not "Old School" and not obsolete, its a necessity and should still be with all phones.

Yeah, they boasted to beat A12 chipset and then just went silent when they couldn't approach A11...

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