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  • Phreddy

Paid a chunk of change for this as it touted an audiophile grade DAC onboard. It did 24/48 which is hardly any better than any other phone for half the price. One OS update and after 9 months added to collection in my drawer. Not a good investment.

Bought in October 2018 and used it till August 2021. Contrary to what others say, this was a really good phone for phone. It did pretty much everything I asked from it and I was especially happy with the music player.

That said, the battery life wasn't too good, it survived roughly 6-8 hours if listening music and browsing web. It didn't render gmail too smoothly either. It would occasionally get pretty hot for some unknown reason. Also when it got hot, it would report that the SD card was dejected from the phone, which was remedied with reboot.

Good phone with few unpleasant quirks.

  • Darian

How do I rid my phone of open capital font print appearing that makes reading difficult , and not downloaded or in fonts found. Twice found on two new LG Q7 phones this software bug/glitch. Need help.

  • Goose

Taken a pounding and still working great after 2 years

  • Anonymous

Its sad that LG didn't release an updated model with the same small form factor.

  • justauser

ive had this phone (MetroPCS. LG Q7+ {model #lm-q610ma}). now for 1-1/2 years. i bought it as an upgrade from my lg aristo. Ive had a really decent experience with it. Its got a good allotment of ram, the speed of the processor is really good. Its got good amount of onboard storage, and it will read and use a 128gb sd card. which i have installed as well its a samsung uhxd or something 128gb. sd. the camera hardware with 16 megapixel is quite good. i have found that the cameras, settings menu leaves something to be desired, with regard to selectable resolutions, it goes from 16mp 4.3 to 12mp 16.9 or something, main point it needs attention, other than that it does take very nice photos for being a camera in a phone and a budget phone at that. my samsung galaxy s5 sm900r4. had a 16mp. camera and this camera does just as good,
another note on the camera about taking pictures, ive noticed that some of my photos when imported to my macbook laptops, some of them are inverted or upside down, im not fully certain how this happens whether its due to me actually not realising which way is up regarding how the hardware or software in the phone is programmed or is orientated, as it doesnt indicate it when taking pics, but i have typically always made a note to have the phone with volume buttons upward in landscape on most all my phones and its seem3d t0 be correct.

for anyone interested in audio. It is hi-res lossless certifide device, its got dts 3dx and apt hdx audio. and in the developer menu its got a bluetooth settings section for 1.4 to 1.6 then you can select ldac apx apx hd, and then its got "enable optional codecs". along with a selectable range of sample rates from system default. then 44k 48k 88.2 and 96k
and then A selectable bits per sample setting of 16 24 or 32
and then you can change the playback quality by adjusting bluetooth codec from best effort adaptive balanced, or optimized for connection all the way to oprimized for audio quality with 990kbps/909kbps and you can tell the difference its amazing sound. you need to have hi res certified equipment as well if streaming or using aux cord connected to radio in home or car. and amplifier in car too. but its well worth it.

now keep in mind im a pretty basic phone user, i dont play resource heavy games or any games on my phone, i mainly just use it for email, web, messaging, internet, etc.

the phone does do a good job at keep active connectivity to the 4g and lte. which was not the case with the lg aristo it was horrid at maintaining an active data connection.

and ive not haD any issue with the battery draining fast, but like i said im not very demanding of my phone.

the fingerprint reader is very well sorted. ive had a couple times where it seemed like it was being picky. about the placement of my finger and its ability to read it, but aside from that its pretty reliable or predictable,

ive owned a lot of LG phones, and they rarely do me wrong. the orignal aristo might be the exception. mainly regarding the onboard ram in it, and the annoying issue of it not being capable of running both full versions of facebook app and fb messenger app. the messenger chat head icon on side of screen would without fail. suddenly dissappear (app would crash due to not enough ram) so you had to either run the lite version of either fb or messenger. the phones system readout would display the memory usage at a constant 99% no matter what. it was "optimized" it said, with typically less than 500mb of free ram but thats no issue with q7+ for metro pcs. well the other issue i mentioned was the data connectivity thing.

all in all its been a really good device. .

One really neat feature ive come across and idk if its on All LG devices but in the factory loaded default app for sms and mms and advanced messaging, theres a neat feature you can use called "schedule send". in which if selected you can then type out the message and then set a time in advance and it will send the message at the selected time ( i use it if i remember something in the middle of the night and dont want to wajke the person with one of those late night messages and possibly wake them up for something that wasnt an emergency. like if i forgot to mention something during a call to my mom and i remember it at 2am, then i select schedule send. set the time at like 7am (when im asleep). and compose the message and hit the normal send button. and then when the time hits 7am. phone sends the message im passed out, mom gets it, and all is well. ). its a really cool useful feature.

hope this helps

  • Lobsterman

it's a decent phone, Pro 4Gb and 64 Ram, face recognition and fingerprint. Con small screen and battery suck.

  • rst

I have one for about a year, and this will be last LG phone I'll have in a long time.

decent size,
water resistant,
sd card.

mediocre screen,
bad camears,
no nfc,
no 5GHz wifi (and the 2.4GHz isn't great),
single color notification led.

battery drains way too quickly if in use,
OS updates are few and far between,

And since the Pie update:
it claims the 'SD card was removed unexpectedly" every day or two, requiring a reboot.
it occationaly "forgets" some settings after a reboot.

Don't. If you do buy this crap, don't upgrade to pie.

  • Tyler M.

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2020Brutaly slow when browsingIt's an amazing lightweight phone. Got it for $350 from T-Mobile on August 5, 2019 and it's audio features are amazing. Fast when browsing Chrome or any other web browser (using Xfinity wifi) and games run a lot faster with Snapdragon than the Samsung Galaxy On5. Taking HDR pictures and using Google's Snapseed app makes my pictures stand out perfectly.

  • Jackson Cusic

Worst phone I've ever owned.
. water resistant (In some areas of the phone)
. good design and decent resolution

. Sub-par selfie cam
. rear camera does not get close to 30fps
. phone overheats very quickly
. battery drains completely in 3hrs
. Phone shuts down randomly
. Phone is incredibly slow
. Phone freezes for 30min at a time
. Freezes consistently
. Small amount of ram
. Weak cpu
. Complete inability to run certain apps
. Does not overheat, but burns to touch when it overheats
. Not entirely water resistant
. Small battery capacity (says 3000mah) performance ~ 1800mah
Overall, the phone is terrible. Do not waste your money on this trash.

  • ultimatemanager

I like this phone because it is compact and waterproof and it was cheap - I don't need anything else.

  • Anonymous

Brutaly slow when browsing

  • Archie

Worst phone ever. Had mine now for 18 months. Can't wait for my 2 year contract to come to an end.
Don't buy this phone unless you really want to be disappointed.
Freeze frequently, Slow oh so slow!
Our family have been an LG supporters for awhile now. LG G4 what a great phone at its time.

  • CVNT5

Had my LG Q7+ since 2018 and it's still running. it is getting to the point that its starting to slow down and heating up.

  • Anonymous

what is the body material ? metal frame or....
not mentioned in specs

  • macNcraCKa

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2020Don't buy it, I have had many Android phone and tbh no... moreYour performance issues are more than likely due to something new that has been installed or updated (new application installed or update installed, through the Google Play Store) on the phone rather than the phone's hardware causing it to become sluggish.

  • macNcraCKa

Anonymous, 20 Jul 2020Don't buy it, I have had many Android phone and tbh no... moreThat really sounds like a software issue rather than a hardware issue. The sluggishness along with the change in performance of your phone is more than

  • rezaht lgq7

good phone has a normal size. updated to android 9 it is good. I don.t expect any more bought 4 days ago

  • Anonymous

Cilicium, 27 May 2020Also, how's the build quality? Back/frame/front? Finally, w... moreDon't buy it, I have had many Android phone and tbh none have been good past 3 months. I had the Q7+ for 18 months and after about half a year it became sluggish, easily froze and wouldn't run most games

Do you game on it though? If so which games do you like to play on it? Just curious