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Also, how's the build quality? Back/frame/front? Finally, what's the performance like on the Q7+?

Itsik, 24 May 2020Yes, it got android pie several months ago. It ain't going ... moreThank you for the reply! Is the Q7+ available in Europe? No one seems to sell the Q7+ or Q7 alpha models, it's just the base Q7.

  • Itsik

Cilicium, 23 May 2020Does this phone have Android Pie (internationally)? I can't... moreYes, it got android pie several months ago. It ain't going to get android 10 though.

Does this phone have Android Pie (internationally)? I can't seem to find any sources that state whether this phone has Pie or not. Also, is the Q7+ available internationally (specifically in Europe)?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 May 2020Honestly this could've been a great phone with an amoled sc... moreThere a plenty of other options that are great mid range phones, this phone is meant to be in between an entry level phone and mid range, the chipset doesn't suck, it gets the job done and is a great starter phone.

  • Anonymous

Honestly this could've been a great phone with an amoled screen and atleast a mid range chipset

  • idk w0t name to choo

its a great phone and it takes a LOT of stuff and falling before the screen brakes

  • Itsik

A good compact phone. Recently recieved android pie. I wish there were more options of phones with 5.5-5.7 inch full hd screens.

There is one downside that the phone has a glossy plastic back that scratches easily and a phone case is a must.

  • Anonymous

It's a very good phone, and it takes a lot.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Feb 2020Great phone i bought new for 130 euro. Cant complain about ... moreThe difference between the glass in the G2 and thd Q7 is the former is Gorilla Glass while the latter is not. Personally, this is what I look for if I want durable glass, as I do not know how durable it has to be to pass the MIL-STD-810G test (a quick search doesn't promise much either; searching for "MIL-STD-810G" I read the android central and übergizmo (I do not know this site to recommend it, even though I might have heard it before) articles)

  • Anonymous

Great phone i bought new for 130 euro. Cant complain about anything and works perfect. No 5g option i think is great. The glass dit crack with only a 10cm drop on stone tiles so i disagree with the MIL-STD-810G standard as my G2 was way stronger. Its a small crack in the right bottom on the glass part below the screen so it still works.

Only thing is the fingerprint sensor sometimes just refuses to accept and i need to enter my password.

But for this price i can not care about it. Would recommend if you seek a cheap good phone.

CPS Florida, 06 Dec 2019Go with another phone..... i've had this ohone for nearly ... moreYou definitely have installed a corrupted application somewhere which is creating the problem. Always download from Google play store

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2019Have not been happy. Got the phone in May of 2019 for my 4... moreWhy don't you use SanDisk ultra memory card

  • Anonymous

Have not been happy. Got the phone in May of 2019 for my 40th birthday present to myself. Cost $500 and it has not worked well. In July it was having SIM card issues. MetroPCS replaced with another one. Was fine but slow at times until this week December 20 2019. Same issue SIM card problems. it would cost me $50 to replace via Metro PCS 5 months after the original replacement. Going to go with Samsung next time. Have a very hard time finding accessories like cases for this phone. It was not a good buy.

  • Dzenan Bosnjic

Great mid range phone!!!Just received Android 9.0 here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Great design and shape,protecting glass,metal frame,plastic back(case is a must for eventual scratches).Not to big,not to small,pocket friendly phone.Great and vivid screen,5,5 inches FULL HD+,FULL VISION with sharp colors.Great 13 MPX camera which takes great pictures,with auto focus,PDAF,Q lens.Great sound while listening music in headphones thanks to DTS X surround.Not to mention IP68 and MIL 810G which make us more secured in phones durrability.Enough internal storage for normal user and micro sd card support.Fast charging through USB-C and finger print sensor wich works great.It is worth every cent.I never had any kind of problems with this phone and I have been using it for a long time.

Same chipset as Stylo 4 & both function better than Stylo 5.

It is pretty good except the chipset. If it changes to a better chipset (at least mid-end, such as Snapdragon 650), it would be very nice for businessman. A phone with small body size, dual SIM, dedicated memory card slot, fingerprint, NFC, and other parts are at the mid-end, that is exactly what businessman looking for.

  • CPS Florida

Go with another phone..... i've had this ohone for nearly 8 months... it freezes, hangs, and generally is just very slow... the fngerprint security feature stopped woirking early on... there has been an upgrade, but frankly, phone is even slower since then... its the inconsistency that sucks... sometimes it works fine... except when you need it... it switches phone calls to an incoming without you knowing it... and then you lose your original call...
4 more months, and then i'm going back to motorola.

  • RJ

The worst phone I ever owned. Always was an LG fan for the descent phone and value for money. But this phone is 6 months old and is extremely slow. Freezes up frequently. Or just hangs. This is a budget phone I know but still ......... I cant wait to get an other phone. Unfortunately tied down with a 2 year contract! But I would love to upgrade to the G range!

  • Sterling

The charger doesn't fit into the hole anymore.. The phone is only 1 month old..
I've had 4 LG phones.. This has never happened b4... Junk