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  • Jossen

LG Q7+ has no 3.5mm jack but has Quad dac! What an irony!☹

  • AnonD-597762

put a SD636 + 3500Mah + RESONABLE PRICE
after that everyone will say WOW & welcome back again LG

  • Anonymous

John, 21 May 2018Beautiful but the SoC is very poor.Totally. If it's at least SD 450, then perhaps there's hope for this in certain markets. But if it's actually Mediatek P10 as previously reported, then I don't know what LG is expecting.

Nice one LG!

I M using LG Q6 from last 6 months and i was really impressed with its design on the first look, but this tym i think LG is now loosing their self identity in terms of mobile design,before this,they launched G7 and was look like copied the notch design, and with this again look like they copied redmi note 5 design.......

  • John

Beautiful but the SoC is very poor.

  • AnonD-426158

I hate ugly all black front panel

  • KF

And I forgot the bottom bezel is too plain they should put the LG logo there.

  • KF

If only it has atleast 5.7" screen and a Snapdragon 636 (the 1.8Ghz version) I would buy it.

  • Aadam

Wth is dis.. The start of a new era? My goodness.. Lg.. This is what ive been looking for ages