LG Q8 (2018)

LG Q8 (2018)

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  • Rich watarious

Actually some people don't understand the concept. It is Chipset that specify a phone to be low or mid or high not extra features. At least if they want to chart real midrange price over 300 there should be midrange chipset on board. At least Snapdragon 625 is runs very good and it is the most efficient for battery life. The are phones with upper midrange chipset snapdragon 660 which are charging same price and even lower. Verily, this phone will not sell any better in till it come down to around 250 dollars.

  • Rich watarious

Indeed this phone looks nice but I hate the way they mixed the low specs with high specs to charge midrange price. The same mistake Nokia did with Nokia 6 the they later redeemed that image. Any moment you opt for low end Chipset the phone is still low end phone. At least Snapdragon 625 or 636 would have been ok. But as it stands now it should be sold at around $200.

  • Anonymous

SD 450 + 420€ price tag = :/

Come on LG really really really price is too high 250 to a round 360

  • Yesheis

Aadrian , 09 Aug 2018Q7 is a cheaper G7, whereas Q8 is a cheaper V30.i overlook screen size, and yes it has different class than Q7, but why on the same line-up "Q" series? Q series should be like G mini, they should put on different name.

  • Anonymous

hello, this phone come to europe?
looking for a big phone
note8 so expensive for me, maybe xiaomi mi max 3
or this Q8 will it be expensive?


LOL, U guys think this phone is Expensive??
- IP68 dust/water proof (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)
- MIL-STD-810G compliant
- DTS: X Surround Sound

Dont u think those features Enough For 420 Eur??
XIAOMI? Dont have That features
Huawei? Wow its the same

  • Aadrian

Yesheis, 07 Aug 2018Q7 on may 18, Q8 on august '18, LG what are you up to? So y... moreQ7 is a cheaper G7, whereas Q8 is a cheaper V30.

  • Yesheis

Q7 on may 18, Q8 on august '18, LG what are you up to? So you will abandon Q7 software development?
I have enough with LG, my G6 still on 7.0

Guys think twice before buy LG, they even abandon their flagship.

js, 07 Aug 2018Please Don't buy any LG phones. I am an LG Smartphone user.... moreTroll detected... Hot like iron??.....
Drain like super sonic??? Look at v30...

Not logic reason

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2018for this price you can get an honor 10 way better than thisHuawei phone no dts no mild std no ip68. Only rely on big battery and bigger ram

  • js

Please Don't buy any LG phones. I am an LG Smartphone user.
Reasons for '' Not to Buy''
1)Poor Software. They are Still following their Customized UI. Don't provide stock android.

2)LG Smartphones Heating like an Iron Box while using 4G Internet.

3)Color Reproduction is poor. Colors on the screen are not well saturated and not
punchy too.

4)Battery Backup- LG Smartphones' battery draining like Supersonic.

5)Front Camera - They provide only 5mp front camera for their flagship smartphones.

  • js

AnonD-756996, 07 Aug 2018420 eur for Snapdragon 450??? What a joke.? Is it?

  • Anonymous

TPAA, 06 Aug 2018People are comparing this phone with other Snapdragon 450 p... morefor this price you can get an honor 10 way better than this

Will it become available in Europe or again not?

  • AnonD-756996

420 eur for Snapdragon 450???

  • sub..

3300 mah and 6.2" ??? are you sure LG ???

  • Anonymous

Somes brands apparently haven't realised they are in 2018. They fell asleep a the wheel and nobody is kind enough to wake them up. With this type of offering, the demise of LG is just a matter of time. So far are they as a company when they launched the g2.

Why to complaint the price??
Mild std ?
Ip68 ?
Dts x sound hifi dac ?
Lack of ir blaster
Above features are hardly to find on the cheap phones nowdays..

  • Ex LG fan

Snapdragon 450 for 400 euro?
You are drunk LG, go home...