LG Q8 (2018)

LG Q8 (2018)

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Why to complaint the price??
Mild std ?
Ip68 ?
Dts x sound hifi dac ?
Lack of ir blaster
Above features are hardly to find on the cheap phones nowdays..

  • Ex LG fan

Snapdragon 450 for 400 euro?
You are drunk LG, go home...

Idk Lg is so lazy by introducing same phone design? Q stylus? Q8?
2017 q8 design is better than the rear chinese phone look

LG gonna extinct soon. Too bad pricing.

  • Adreno320

Constatain, 06 Aug 2018SD450 at 420 euro??? Really!!!! ip68 & mil-std

  • Constatain

SD450 at 420 euro???

  • k-9

this phone is not worth half the price seriously at that price would have expected the 835

  • Sujon

LOL, about 420 Euro for snapdragon 450... You can buy Xiaomi Mi8 with this money... 😂

  • Trilulilu

TPAA, 06 Aug 2018People are comparing this phone with other Snapdragon 450 p... moreNote 8, now, have similar price (450-500 euros). Its a one year old model, 9 is almost here. And about LG pricing.. SD 450, 3300mah battery, is this Redmi 5 or what, because that phoneid 4x cheaper.. LG fast going down with that strategy :(

People are comparing this phone with other Snapdragon 450 phones. However, this one comes with a stylus and it competitors is the Samsung Note 8 phone, which is also with a stylus.

It is essentially half the price of a Samsung Note 8.

KidFromForeign, 06 Aug 2018420 Euro for a SD 450 Chipset and you wonder why LG's sales... moreFor the pen

420 Euro for a SD 450 Chipset and you wonder why LG's sales are tanking,why would I go for this cr@p when I can get a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro for $190 with SD 636..

  • Chris_the_Apple_boy

There are SD660 powered smartphones for half it's price. Not worth that much, around $150 would be ideal.

The Q line is looking good for LG phone 320 price will be great

  • 420 EUR

For 420 euro, it comes with a snapdragon 450 chipset and a 3300mAh battery despite of a 6.2 inches screen? I don't think this phone has any compelling features whatsoever.

SD 450 is for entry level but look at the price, about 420 EUR. Isn't it too overpriced? This is the reason that makes LG unsuccessful.

  • DerHunter

Furiounx, 06 Aug 2018Why would anyone pay that much for an SD450? That's just ho... morehaha yeah, you're right the price is outrageous

  • Anonymous

"Snapdragon 450.. 77mm large.. I'm still waiting a good smartphone from LG since the G6"

Me too. How much do we have to wait for yet? G8 possibly? Oh, wait: rumored G8 has 4k display and I can imagine the battery time. :/ Go to Samsung I think. I loved LG at 2017. They are on slope since the G6.

  • Anonymous

LG is dying. Q8 2017 was better than this.

  • Chris_the_Apple_boy

Paying 400 for a SD450 phone? Crap phone doesn't worth it.