LG Q92 5G

LG Q92 5G

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People here seems to be irking off with the IP68 rating. LG is not a newbie in the smartphone market. They have a robust manufacturing experience and always integrates best practices.

The IP68 and MIL rating are surely integrated within their manufacturing unit back since 2015 when V10 had it and continuing with every flagship model.
The cost for setting up standards for such ratings must've been neutralized by now, making them easily take advantage of these ratings.

I'm sure it isn't that much impacted to the final price. Also not a bad thing to have it too!

Looks Rubbish! dumb!!

ip68 rating is a premium feature but it makes the price higher and chinese phone fanboys
would argue forever about this

So the official pricing for this phone in South Korean market has been confirmed at $420. $420 for a slightly trimmed-down Velvet 5G without DualScreen case looks like a good deal. Glad to see IP and MIL-STD rating still present on this Q92. Also, that rear camera design looks so cool!

The only question left is whether to pick this LG Q92 or OnePlus Nord. $20 difference is not massive at all to me.

  • Anonymous

Absolutely gorgeous if the cameras are flush to the body.

  • Kimee

Nice try LG. Mucj better of it has 4500 or 5000 mah battery. Like I said, they should gey rid of that IP68 to have a better price cut.

  • Anonymous

& 4000mah
what a good idea

  • Anonymous

MobileMarketExpert, 20 Aug 2020I am definitely buying this, IF it has built-in Radio &... moreeven me if FM and also with dedicated card slot

  • MobileMarketExpert

I am definitely buying this, IF it has built-in Radio & A Battery of at least 5000mAh!!!

  • T

Red one looks so sexy

  • Anonymous

Good mid range phone about 200-300€ only The battery is very small.

  • Anonymous

ips lcd :(

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2020167mm must be 5500mah at leastagreed

I hope lg will survive with those more TRENDing designs and
will continue making flagships

Jabbar, 14 Aug 2020Lg died .strategy of lg is incurrectmaybe correct but most underrated

  • Jabbar

Lg died .strategy of lg is incurrect

  • Anonymous

Kimee, 14 Aug 2020The breakingpoint is, how much? IP68 and STD compliant make... moreQ series is also sold in Japan.
Phones without IP67/68 will fail there.
Unless it is from Apple, then ppl will not care.

  • Anonymous

must be 5500mah at least

  • Anonymous

If it's a penny more than $300 they're not gonna sell a single copy. Honestly, they should hire me as the CEO, I'd do a better job than the current guy.

  • huh

Kimee, 14 Aug 2020The breakingpoint is, how much? IP68 and STD compliant make... moreThis phone has STD? that's kinda hot