LG Q Stylo 4

LG Q Stylo 4

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  • 01 Jul 2018

Anonymous, 30 Jun 2018Yes T-mobile will have this phone.Thanks.....when?

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    • Anonymous
    • jQQ
    • 30 Jun 2018

    Yes T-mobile will have this phone.

      Will United Kingdom have it?

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        • IbE
        • 30 Jun 2018

        Will T-mobile get this?

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          • t7x
          • 29 Jun 2018


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            • Ori
            • 4qP
            • 28 Jun 2018

            HrcoGG, 26 Jun 2018What CPU does it have? -Would be nice to see Snapdragon 7... moreIt uses Snapdragon 450..

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              • Hotellit
              • 4Yc
              • 28 Jun 2018

              The screen to body ratio is this phone makes it so enticing

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                • k78
                • 28 Jun 2018

                Guy says he has had a stylo since day one? And they have horrible battery life? So why do you continue to buy them? Buy a note 8! Well any way every LG phone period I've owned has been outstanding, including the stylo 3 have now. Battery superior and this stylo is gonna be even better. Ha ha ha

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                  • Aadrian
                  • Sk@
                  • 27 Jun 2018

                  Wtf, 25 Jun 20182 gigs of ram in 2018? Even unknown chinese brands have b... moreNobody forces you to buy it so what is the problem?

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                    • nDQ
                    • 26 Jun 2018

                    The LG Q Stylo 4 is cheaper the the Q7... 240USD vs ~480EURO...
                    The better option is the Q7+ if you want to upgrade, but your current phone is just ok for the next year. Just wait and get the a low end phone for 200-500$.
                    If you really want to get one now thinc about getting one with a 1080p+ screen a finger print sensor and a good battery.
                    My sugestions are: Nokia 5.1, Galaxy A6+, Motorola Moto Z3 Play, Galaxy J7 Prime 2... good luck!

                      What CPU does it have?
                      -Would be nice to see Snapdragon 710 in this phone!

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                        • ivan
                        • sS{
                        • 25 Jun 2018

                        im 13 years olda and I have a lg q6. should I actually switch to this phone or the lg q stylus or lg q7.because I need better features and camera (specs too).

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                          • snS
                          • 25 Jun 2018

                          2 gigs of ram in 2018? Even unknown chinese brands have better specs than this phone...must be some real "genius" working in LG, id rather buy refurbished v10 than this crap

                            I've been purchasing stylo's from day 1. And the batteries suck. Piece of crap for the money that they want people to pay.