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LG Q Stylus

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  • Wamsy

How to enable touch vibration/Haptic feedback on lg q stylus....

LG seems disabled haptic engine on this phone.

Is there anyway that we can activate it without rooting phone???

Kindly help...

Thanks in advance.....

  • Anonymous

good phone a little bit slow, because processor is set only on 1.5ghz, stylus work great but remember is not wacom pen is only stylus some apps work slow drawing (autodesk works very bad)

one thing that i love is the camera, when you shoot, you get the same picture that you seen in screen, my other phones (mostly huawei ) when you shoot the picture is different
sometimes more exposed, sometimes more bright

other thing that is annoying is get the right phone with specs that i desire, i bought the Stylus Q+ with 1.5 ghz but the camera is 16mp for back and 5 mp in front, other model normal not Alpha was 1.8ghz in processor frecuency but 13mp for camera in back

  • Anonymous

does anyone know when or will it ever be released in the philippines? also, if ever id order online and have it shipped to th PH would i encounter essential problems (like network, etc.)? id appreciate if anyone sufficiently answers. it's already past Q3 and still no PH launch. :'(

  • Anonymous

I have just purchased this phone and I love it, I recommend buying this, the camera works great, the pen collaboration is amazing, definitely worth more then $700 but glad its cheap

Is this worth buying for 100$?

  • sprsk

OMG ... Mediatek MT6750 really guys @LG ? ... its lower than ... low

  • owl

DAB+ ? Why don't LG offer an innovative successor for the 5,7" LG "Stylus 2" with FM (RDS) and DAB+ Radio.

I won't by a new smartphone without DAB+ digital Radio
which ca use the detailed traffic information (TPEG) from Garmin's DAB+ : GARMIN NAVTEQ Traffic PRO
as in the detailed Garmin-Navi LMT-D models with "DAB Digital Traffic"

  • jay

Foz, 24 Jul 2018If this is shipped with a Snapdragon 600+ series, this will... moresnapdragon 450

  • Anonymous

i will watch this and nokia 5.1. There is no youtube reviews and teardowns, quality checks.

  • Foz

If this is shipped with a Snapdragon 600+ series, this will be an immediate buy for me.

  • Anonymous

adetres, 02 Jul 2018Yes I agree, I've been waiting forever for this I want to g... moreDon't get this. You can get G6 for 200 brand new on eBay https://m.ebay.com/itm/New-in-Sealed-Box-LG-G6-H872-32-64-128GB-T-MOBILE-LOCKED-Smartphone/332411098644?itemId=332411098644&varId=541432571813

  • OSasmatteroffact

It's looks like made of plastic, hope it'll be a metal though

hum, 01 Jul 2018LG pls just release this phone already. almost one month si... moreYes I agree, I've been waiting forever for this I want to get one for me and my wife so please LG just hurry and release this phone for AT&T.

  • hum

LG pls just release this phone already. almost one month since the announcement.

  • Sam

anyone know the estimated price? and yes, very excited to see a competitor to the Samsung Note series. I love the stylus so I have the Samsung note but would move to something else if price is right. the specs looks very good.

What CPU does it have?
-Would be nice to see Snapdragon 710 in this phone!


wow lg by good device

  • Jakson

S.... L.G is taken their stylus model to the next level. Sure this will give a good competition to Samsung note series which is very big & boring.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2018MEDIATEK...lg in love with mt chipset BE SUREIf it is helio p60, still i can consider