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  • Anonymous

Shannon, 27 Sep 2021PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. After around 6 months of me u... moreexactly the same things are happening with mine. i hate this phone.

  • Shannon

PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. After around 6 months of me using the phone, the screen just freezes and gets stuck, I have to keep pressing the power button to switch it on and off to fix the problem which is annoying. Sometimes when I touch the screen, it keeps pulling down the notification settings. The problems that I mentioned, it happens way to often, it makes me lose my mind and I want to just throw this phone to the wall. The user interface on this phone is so bad it lags and glitches. Not even my other older phone which is the Samsung j7 star have this problem. Trust me stay away from this phone, buy any other phone than this one.

  • Jade

I have owned the Stylo 3, 5, and now the 6. I do NOT understand why this phone is so terrible. My other stylos never died or did crazy crap. My 5 still works like brand new and have had it for a year longer. I do not use it because I don't like the carrier.. anyways.. the 6 is a huge disappointment. It gets stuck on headphone mode a couple times a week. Adds a bunch of extra letters when typing at times, the scroll down bar pulls down randomly, the screen freezes, opens apps I don't click on, slowwwwww, it randomly cuts off and gets stuck on the welcome screen for a while sometimes, randomly says it is charging or connected to a device and is charging a device, or doesn't charge when I plug it in. I am honestly surprised because my other stylos have been such good phones which is why I got the 6. It did not take long for it to start acting up either. I've had this phone for less than a year and often want to smash it.

  • Ask.Maggim

This LG Stylo 6 is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. Not long after I purchased it the strange Ghost typing began.. I would do a few things and it would stop for a week or so. At 1 year into it the issues are non stop. It has never worked well, always dealing with the notification bar randomly dropping down and ghost typing, scrolling issues etc.
Never will I ever give money to LG again.

  • ded af

totallynotanewacc, 23 Aug 2021Y'all are having problems with this phone but mines is... moreNot shill but tbh me neither, just don't have crappy, faulty electric in your home, and your phone won't kneel over and die like the older ones

  • Anonymous

The cricket influence phone is a worst piece of crap it's over come out on the market. I absolutely hate this phone I don't even care if I lose money I would like to smash it and throw it back in the store where I bought it. My LG finally quit on me after 5 years it was the best phone I ever had and it wasn't even an expensive one.

Y'all are having problems with this phone but mines is completely fine.

  • Mad

Anonymous, 17 Aug 2021Worst phone Ive ever owned. Keyboard is complete garbage. I... moreI really really hate this phone

  • Anonymous

Worst phone Ive ever owned. Keyboard is complete garbage. It freezes frequenting. Types multiple of the same letters. Screen glitches interupt every keystroke.
Bought brand new 4 months ago.
Its been complete garbage after the first 2 months.
This phone will leave you frustrated and highly pissed off on a daily basis. You will walk around with a ugly pissed off look on your face every single day you own this pppiiiecee of crap!!

  • ev

Giggles, 14 Aug 2021This phone SUCKS!!!! The worse phone I have ever owned. ... morethe screen has been terrible..adding letters ..not sensitive

  • random 1234

JD, 28 Jul 2021Not sure what everyone else is on about with this phone but... moreThe factory unlocked model with 4gb ram and no carrier bloatware installed runs much smoother than the discounted carrier locked model with 3gb ram.

I suspect most here purchased the bloated carrier locked model because the price is $100 cheaper.

Check out the reviews for the unlocked model on Amazon.com, excellent overall rating and positive comments, nothing like what you see here.

I tech support 3 family members with the unlocked model and none of them have the issues being reported here.

  • Giggles

JD, 28 Jul 2021Not sure what everyone else is on about with this phone but... moreYou're one of the lucky ones then.

  • Giggles

This phone SUCKS!!!! The worse phone I have ever owned. Can be typing and it will add double or triple of the same letter or it will jump to another screen.
Will try to click on an app and an entirely different app will open. The drop down screen will come down and go back. Freezes and lags and sick of it. Can't wait to get back to a Samsung when I can afford it!!

  • Tina

Batgurl0420, 09 Aug 2021I have only had my stylo 6 for a few months. For at just th... moreThis phone looks great but it's not ,good at all ,this phone is a knock off,shuts on and off by itself, within a one month now sadly would not charge and a big question mark is showing wouldn't charge,a Rejected Device!!!!!!!!! I want all my money back

  • Batgurl0420

Gabboo, 23 Jul 2021SAMEI have only had my stylo 6 for a few months. For at just the past month it acts like someone else us controlling it 95% of the time! Screen will shut off on its own, top pulls down as it wants, apps open im not even touching, the list goes on. Its very frustrating. This is def NOT what I expected after wanting it for a year!! They all should be replaced for free!!

  • Power

I had this phone for a year and it sucked

  • Anonymous

Phone sucks. Too much BS to even talk about it just sucks

  • Anonymous

to say this phone is shit is a compliment,I tried to use it for Bolt the location took me to the north pole.The designers were either high or did not pass grade one.I would be surprised if this phone was looted from PEP.

Jupiter, 12 Jul 2021I can’t fully express my hatred for the LG Stylo 6. System ... moreSamsung and iphone are not better

  • Caitlin

I needed a new phone and my only requirement was a nice camera. Coming from Galaxy, I was fine trying something new. I was pointed to the LG Stylo 6, and the price was great. Sign me up.

I've never physically assaulted tech like this in my life. I have fallen into a toxic relationship with this hunk of trash. God forbid I ever NEED it in an emergency because it 30% chance it will plain not work.

Issues began not even a few days after having it. Not yet a year later and the issues only piled up. First, the stylus popped out constantly and triggered the infuriating doodle mode that takes had such bad UI that it always takes me a minute to shut it off. One time the stylus popped out and I hastily stuck it back in, but I must have done it the wrong direction. It got stuck. I had to use actual pliers to force it out to make the doodle mode finally stop. I have had half a stylus sticking out the bottom of my phone since a month in. I pick my battles, and this ugly hindrance is one I just deal with.

So there is also a demon button directly beneath the volume down, which prompts the voice app to start up. I'll carelessly press it sometimes. The phone is slow and sucks so you have to wait for one of your thirty furious presses to make it close so you can resume whatever you were doing.

It takes sometimes thirty seconds for the keyboard to pop up when trying to type. Sometimes I can get around this lag by turning the screen off and on again. Akin to using duct tape on a hole in a ship.

The most intense app I use is Pokemon Go, and sometimes trying to scroll and not select is an absolute nightmare. It takes the phone a while to recognize a held down scroll vs a press. I have to exercise extreme patience when zooming or scrolling, allowing my phone 5-10 seconds between touches lest I selecting something. Then don't forget 5-10 are required to go back without further selecting. It's maddening, and has gotten progressively worse over time.

Sometimes it just stops working. I'll know it's coming because my music player will begin to stutter and slingshot around due to the lag. The phone will become so slow to respond that it takes MINUTES for the press of the pause button to actually pause the music. Don't even try opening another app when this happens. Don't you dare try googling the problem on your phone. Turning volume up or down freezes it, turning your screen on or off freezes it. Restarting will not be possible due to the lag so I instinctively chose to hard restart. Don't ever do that. Each time this particular problem happens, my phone will take HOURS to get past the infuriating swirling LG logo. The first time it happened I had owned the phone about three months. Five hours of staring down a restart screen, and multiple hard restarts later, it finally started back up properly. Then a couple weeks later it happened again. And now it's happened maybe five times?

I discovered a hypothesis on what causes this if any other LG victims have this same problem. When my phone is 75% ish full, processes appear to stop working. The phone itself stops working. Restarting is liable to render your phone forever dead. My only solution has been to preemptively clean it out every couple weeks. It's a joke.

And after my novel, I conclude the camera also sucks. Saving a bit of money is not worth the hassle of having a phone that won't work when you need it to.