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LG Stylo 6

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  • Good phone

I’ve had my style 6 for going on 5 months now and it is 10 times better then the other Android competitors, I would definitely recommend it, If you know how to use it it is awesome.

  • Anonymous

Truth, 06 Feb 2021Behind you 100 percent a piece of good-looking garbageDitto this phone is a beautiful paper weight 🙄

  • Anonymous

Nice phone but hasn't worked properly at all since I purchased "directly from Boost".
Cellular data drops constantly.
Chrome doesn't update anymore for no apparent reason.
Many unused background processes loading up the RAM.
Apps periodically unresponsive while using them.
Stereo speakers are really uneven and they clip with heavy distortion at loud volume.
It gets really hot when charging.
Location disabled but apps still pinging location in background.
The battery works okay though.
Verdict: It's a shiny disfunctional device will be my last LG phone.

  • Why LG

My setting keep popping up when I type or when I'm scrolling. This phone has serious issues and I would not recommend it to anyone. Please go with Samsung or Apple.

  • Anonymous

Lita, 25 Jan 2021Stylo6 is the worst LG I’ve ever owned.LG was my favorite p... moreThat is the reason why I'm writing this message I am having the same problem I am talking to the phone right now through the microphone so I can type a message because it's so ridiculous and impossible to type with a keyboard everything disappeared is a mess I'm sorry LG I'm dropping you

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021We've had the LG stylo 6 for a couple of months now an... moreThis is my third LG style 6 in less than 3 months before that I got a style five and it was a mess. My style five was turning off myself when I least expect it my phone was off so I was not able to receive phone calls while my phone was in my pocket. Now I got this third LG style 5 I mean six and I'm having a lot of problems. When I try to type something like an email or text it's always going to something different, the screen disappeared and go somewhere else and I have to turn off and back on my phone to be able to use it. Today is February 23rd and I'm after work heading to the store to get me a different brand because I'm tired of the same situation every single day in every hour every minute. Right now in order for me to type this message I got to click on the microphone and talk so I can type a message. It's ridiculous so I'm sorry LG I got you for so many years but lately I have no luck. That's all I can say about LG.

  • Sheila

monkey, 17 Feb 2021I am planning on getting this phone for me and my dad, woul... moreNo, my camera don't work my flash light stop working

  • monkey

SPL, 16 Feb 2021I am a proud owner of a LG Stylo 6 and I am impressed ! I a... moreI am planning on getting this phone for me and my dad, would you recommend?

  • Leo Hitanyo

I have had the Stylo 6 for about 2 months at this point. It isn't a terrible note like phone for less then $200. It plays YouTube videos at 720p easily and I have watched 1080p movies as well. I use this as my work phone and since I have to take pictures everyday, the pictures come out good for emails. I would recommend this phone if you are looking for a budget Note like choice as long as you can find it for under $200.

  • SPL

I am a proud owner of a LG Stylo 6 and I am impressed ! I am so glad that Lg came out with this phone ! I love it a lot better then the Stylo 4 or Stylo 5 ! Responds a lot better. THANK YOU LG !

  • Anonymous

TwistedClover, 05 Feb 2021This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever owned in my ... moreThis phone can bought for under $200. Sure it's a little slow. But you're expecting $1000. performance, that's rediculous. I like my Stylo 6 very much.

  • Worst phone indeed

I got it to have xfinity backup as I live kinda remote and no att signal, so if power goes out I lose wireless and phone.
It is incredibly slow, seconds delay to do anything, really quite unbelievable in the 2000s
Also I only got it ‘cos no charges if I don’t use the phone - then xfinity started charging. Not much, but still.
I had no idea phones could be this bad, having used mostly iPhone but also another - blu? - and old treo, etc, with no issues.
I also had no idea I could pay that amount of money and get such a terrible phone. Wish I’d tested and returned it right away

Hi does this phone have casting, besides Chromecast?

  • Truth

TwistedClover, 05 Feb 2021This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever owned in my ... moreBehind you 100 percent a piece of good-looking garbage

  • Pammy

The worst phone I've had in ages! Who in their right mind would put glass on the back of the phone?! I've got a great case on it but that doesn't matter. If you drop the phone, the back glass will shatter!

  • TwistedClover

This is absolutely the worst phone I have ever owned in my entire life. There is not enough room and there's not enough time in the world for me to be able to explain how many things irritate me or piss me off completely about this phone. I don't know how many times I've wanted to smash it I actually went out and bought a hard case for it just in case I actually did throw it. So far only twice. I bought my girlfriend and myself both one and paid almost $600 for both so I believe in the back of my head that's why I haven't smashed his phone so far so I'm just here to tell you if you want to keep your sanity and one piece not ever buy this phone. Okay and if you happen to not get my point I'll say one more time this phone is trash I would rather try to send messages and text and everything else on a piece of freaking paper through Western Union before I even want to go and use this phone anymore.

  • Flg

This phone is garbage. It constantly needs rebooted and an occasional factory reset doesn't even help. It's an absolute falure and I hope everyone on the design team gets cancer.

  • Matt

The speakers on this phone ate abysmal and phone calls sound trash

  • Anonymous

Does anyone have a problem with the stylo 6 calling the cops on its own

  • Anonymous

That is a fake LG, 31 Dec 2020Your description of how your phone broke sounds like you ac... moreJunk phone within the first 60 days the rapid charger failed. Now after 6 months the microphone doesn't work when using the speaker phone. When contacting the lg joke customer service they want you to send your phone in for warranty repair. Which means you'll easily be without your phone for 30 days. When more than likely the failure is probably a software error of some kind. It seems that while in warranty their warranty department should try to work with you in solving the problem without the inconvince of returning the phone to them for every problem. They don't even try. What a customer unfriendly company. I worked as a purchasing director for a fortune 500 country and recognize poor customer service and believe me lg is the perfect example of very poor customer service actually lacking of any type whatsoever.